Sunday, February 7, 2016


Rough Night Medium

You know, one of those nights where you fell asleep in your clothes.

Rough Night Full

Outfit: Amitomo "High Waisted Skinny Jeans and Layered Knits"
Shoes: David Heather "Bomber Boots"
Hair: barberyumyum "73(black)"
Skin: Essences "Galadriel"
Eyes: Ikon "Ardent"
Hands and Feet: by SLink
Beverage: Flite "Kickstarter" (gacha)
Undereye Circles: by Izzie's


Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Fixations Full

I have to admit, I have a fixation on food. I find myself hungrily eyeing the sprinkles on this knit hat and I wish I could really eat the luscious cherry on top of the cone. I guess I shouldn't go shopping for clothes when I am hungry.

Fixations Shoes

I don't really go for the more risqué clothing at the Epic Store, but I still like a lot of their Kawaii accessories. All in bright candy colors. Or chocolate shoes that look almost good enough to eat. I could go for a Waffle Cone right about now. :D

Fixations More Shoes

Hat: MishMish "Bakery Fluffy Hat" (texture-change HUD)
Sleeves: Peqe "Fur Sleeves" (texture-change HUD)
Dress: Celoe "Chelsea Dress" (unavailable)
Leggings: Atomic "YumYum Leggings"
Shoes: Epic "Sweet Icing Shoes" (Chocolate)
More Shoes: Epic "Sweet Icing Pumps" (Orange)
Scarf: Mr. Poet "Wide Scarf" (gift)
Messy Mouth with Sprinkles: SugarHeart (unavailable)
Ice Cream: Imeka "Italian Ice Cream with Cherry"
Bangs: barberyumyum "bangs A"
Skin: Essences "Galadriel"
Lipstick: Essences "Bijoux Lipstick 03"
Eyes: Ikon "Ardent"
Hands and Feet: by SLink
Ears: by Mandala


Saturday, January 30, 2016

L. A. R. P.

LARP Medium

I'm ready to play!!


Book: Boof "D&D Player Handbook" (vintage hunt prize)
Shoulder Harness: Yummy "Leather Shoulder Brace" (We Love Roleplay)
Belt: Yummy "Leather Utility Belt" (We Love Roleplay)
Ring: Yummy "Ancient Amulet Ring" (We Love RP hunt prize in December)
Boots: Lassitude and Ennui "Battleworn Boots" (We Love Roleplay)
Gloves: Aisling "Ash Gloves" (texture-change HUD)(at the Secret Affair)
Gloves: Bubble "Floral Corset Gloves" (vintage but still available)
Hat: Mr. Poet "Bakerboy Cap"
Earrings: Lassitude and Ennui "Winged Earrings"
Bangs: barberyumyum "bangs A"
Sword: Varen "Requiem Katana" (vintage)
Shirt: Whippet and Buck "Hykova Buttoned Tank"
Shirt: Whippet and Buck "Neelia Beaded Yoke"
Shorts: Drift "Solstice Shorts"
Collar: Drift "Chic Collar"
Leggings: Doppleganger "Cuffed Cords" (vintage)
Dirt: Miss Shippe's "Digging in the Dirt" (vintage)
Skin: Essences "Galadriel"
Teeth: Dead Apples "Regular Teeth"
Eyeliner: Chop Shop "Winged Liner"
Ears: by Aitui
Lashes: by LeLutka


Thursday, January 21, 2016


Frosty Medium

I was made of snow, at least it felt that way. Can another springtime come and thaw me?

Frosty Closeup

In this outfit I think it must be the glasses that are magical. Life, seen through rainbow glasses.

Frosty Full

Glasses: Yummy "Round Faceted Glasses" (at Collabor88)
Jacket: Pixicat "Visionary Jacket"
Skirt: The Secret Store "Robin Pencil Skirt"
Hair Accessories: Mandala "Miyabi"
Boots: Gos "Curvaceous Boots"
Hair: D!va "Beth" (at Collabor88)
Skin: Essences "Galadriel"
Makeup: Schadenfreude "Emperor Vlinder"
Hands: by SLink
Poses: by Long Awkward Pose (vintage)


Monday, January 18, 2016


Foxy Medium
I was feeling a little foxy today, so I pulled some classy vintage fur out of the closet. Anya Ohmai made this beautiful stole for Collabor88 ages ago. And the earrings are an old gift from Donna Flora. The pants are by Aranel Oh. Her in-world store is gone, but you can still get goods from the Boom store on the SL Marketplace.

Foxy Full
Sweater: Amitomo "Warmest Day" (gacha)
Pants: Boom! "Norfold Tweeds" (on SL Marketplace)
Faux Fur: Ohmai! "A Lil' Foxy" (vintage)
Earrings: Donna Flora "Poison Drops" (vintage)
Shoes: Noodles "Amelia Flats Vintage" (not really vintage)
Sunglasses: Sorgo "Yaung" (now at Collabor88)
Undershirt: by Whippet and Buck
Hair: booN "Lab.004" (now at Hairology) *perfection*
Skin: Essences "Galadriel"
Hands and Feet: by SLink
Lipstick: Croire "Mischief Night Gloss" (vintage)
Animation: by Diesel Works