Monday, February 29, 2016


Galactic Empire

This morning I bring you the look of a rebel warrior fighting against the galactic empire. *ahem* If you would like to put together the look of a jedi or sith, what you need is as close at the Fantasy Gacha Faire. My favorite was the May's Soul vendor, dispensing an assortment of weapons, like this staff, light sabers, Chewie's crossbow, and a laser pistol.

Galactic Empire Mech

Top: MempaMale "Lansaa Top Red" (Fantasy Gacha Faire)
Skirt and Belt: !gO! "Dathomirian" (Fantasy Gacha Faire)
Vehicle: Sushi "All Terrain Recon Transport" (Fantasy Gacha Faire)
Plushie: Sweet Lies "Ewok  - Sweet Lies Original 2" (Fantasy Gacha Faire)
Bandages: by Trap (unavailable)
Earrings: Zaara "Tarika Claw"
Shoes: Pure Poison "Roman Striped Sandals"
Hair: D!va "Bambi" (group gift)
Makeup: Angelica "Harley Quinn"
Hands and Feet: by SLink
Ears: by Aitui
Skin: Essences "Galadriel"
Eyes: Ikon "Ardent"


Sunday, February 28, 2016



Beauty seems so fragile.

Beauty Full

But if it's the real thing, it can survive almost anything.

Beauty Back

Dress: Pixicat "Noble Gown"
Jewelry: Yummy "Work Pearls"
Shoes: Lassitude and Ennui "Versailles"
Hair: D!va "Jasmine"
Skin: Essences "Galadriel"
Eyes: Ikon "Ardent"
Ears: by Aitui
Hands: by SLink
Spinning Wheel: PPK "Seamstress Sewing Wheel" (gacha)


Saturday, February 27, 2016


Hell Hath No Lower

My demons better run. I'm gunning for them.

Hell Hath No Medium

Well, most of them. Even a demon hunter has a soft spot for puppies.

Gun: Bamse "Vampire Slayer - Golden RARE" (gacha)
Puppies: Alchemy "Hell Puppers" (gacha)
Trenchcoat: Aphorism "Trenchcoat"
Boots: Ison "Carazon Boot"
Hair: Magika "Thread"
Skin: Essences "Galadriel"
Eyes: Ikon "Ardent"


Sunday, February 7, 2016


Rough Night Medium

You know, one of those nights where you fell asleep in your clothes.

Rough Night Full

Outfit: Amitomo "High Waisted Skinny Jeans and Layered Knits"
Shoes: David Heather "Bomber Boots"
Hair: barberyumyum "73(black)"
Skin: Essences "Galadriel"
Eyes: Ikon "Ardent"
Hands and Feet: by SLink
Beverage: Flite "Kickstarter" (gacha)
Undereye Circles: by Izzie's


Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Fixations Full

I have to admit, I have a fixation on food. I find myself hungrily eyeing the sprinkles on this knit hat and I wish I could really eat the luscious cherry on top of the cone. I guess I shouldn't go shopping for clothes when I am hungry.

Fixations Shoes

I don't really go for the more risqué clothing at the Epic Store, but I still like a lot of their Kawaii accessories. All in bright candy colors. Or chocolate shoes that look almost good enough to eat. I could go for a Waffle Cone right about now. :D

Fixations More Shoes

Hat: MishMish "Bakery Fluffy Hat" (texture-change HUD)
Sleeves: Peqe "Fur Sleeves" (texture-change HUD)
Dress: Celoe "Chelsea Dress" (unavailable)
Leggings: Atomic "YumYum Leggings"
Shoes: Epic "Sweet Icing Shoes" (Chocolate)
More Shoes: Epic "Sweet Icing Pumps" (Orange)
Scarf: Mr. Poet "Wide Scarf" (gift)
Messy Mouth with Sprinkles: SugarHeart (unavailable)
Ice Cream: Imeka "Italian Ice Cream with Cherry"
Bangs: barberyumyum "bangs A"
Skin: Essences "Galadriel"
Lipstick: Essences "Bijoux Lipstick 03"
Eyes: Ikon "Ardent"
Hands and Feet: by SLink
Ears: by Mandala