Saturday, December 9, 2017


Puggly Medium

Sweaters and dogs. Do I need anything else to stay warm for winter?

Puggly Full

Well, maybe some hot chocolate.

Cutiepie: Birdy "Metropolitan Pug Held" (at the Arcade Gacha)
Hat/Hair: Wasabi Pills "Sloane" (at the Arcade Gacha)
Sweater: Neve "Dormitory" (w/ texture-change HUD)
Shorts: The Secret Store "Audra Linen Shorts"
Stockings Applier: Luxuria "Lace Trim Thigh High Socks"
Glasses: Sorgo "Yaung"
Boots: Schadenfreude "Grav"

Skin: Essences "Natasja"
Eyes: Song "Toki"
Head: Catwa "Catya"
Body/Hands: by SLink
Ears: by Aitui


Sunday, December 3, 2017


Ginger Medium

I kind of missed last Christmas. Last year a little before Christmas my Dad passed away and months just went by hazy. After all this time I'm trying to get back to enjoying some of the things I used to. So here I am playing around with my old toys. 

Ginger Closeup

Back to dressing up this virtual doll occasionally. Digging into my closet I found some things that I picked up last year before Christmas that I never got around to blogging, like this apron and boots.

Ginger Full

Apron: Atomic "Merry Baker - Merry Apron RARE"
Boots: "Greta Boots (Santa)" (gift)
Stockings Applier: Luxuria "Lace Trim Thigh High Socks"
Gingerbread Cookie: Silentsparrow  "Ginger Lady" (old gift)
Hair and Hat: Olive "Addie"
Glasses: Random Matter "Yeol"
Skin Applier: by Essences
Eyes: Song "Toki"
Head: Catwa "Catya"
Ears: by Aitui
Body and Hands: by Slink
Lipstick: Arise "Nicci Pack 3"
Blush: Izzie's "Winter Blush" (gift)




I ran off to the circus Arcade today and it was fabulous fun!! Doe has this hair with twinkle lights, and the matching necklace is a free gift under the tree. I managed to collect all but one of Santa's reindeer by Schadenfreude. If you have an extra Dasher I would love to buy him from you! I have some cute little dogs in sweaters to show you too. Get in as soon as you can and have fun trading. This year there are two mirror sims instead of cam shopping, to make it easier on us. Happy Holidays!

Hair: Doe "Nole" (the Arcade Gacha)
Necklace: Doe "Merry Lights Necklace" (the Arcade Gacha, gift)
Earrings: Bliensen and Maitai "Tannenbaum"
Coat/Dress: Neve "Chilled" (with texture change HUD)
Lipstick Applier: Cheeky "My Autumn Lipstick"
Head: Catwa "Catya"
Ears: by Aitui
Skin: by Essences
Eyes: Song "Toki"
Pose: Don't Freak Out


Monday, October 16, 2017


Home Sweet Home

Is there anything else as beautiful as enormous piles of fall leaves?? I put out a little house and my old favorite Halloween things, and added Half Deer's new Fairylight Balloons, and a few of the sweet Jack-o-Lanterns that you can hunt for free over at the Happy Mood sim.


Sunday, October 15, 2017


Fire Medium

I finally changed out of my old stinky pajamas after nine months. I can't believe I was away for that long but unwilling to miss Halloween.  I needed a shower and a new hairdo real bad. It wasn't pretty.

Fire Closeup

Catching up on bento heads, hands, and animated meshes. Needed a new computer for all that. I love the newer mesh heads and spent a long time trying to get my new head to look like my old eccentric one. The facial animations are so much better. And can I say how much I ADORE all the lipstick options? (Can y'all remember back in the old days when having lipstick meant you had to buy skin fat-packs ??)

Fire Full

I missed you all! :)

Sweater: Neve "Delicious" (four texture applier)
Pants: The Secret Store "Bonnie Capri Pants"
Necklace: KatatOnik "(monster3) USB Choker RARE" (gacha)
Flats: Lassitude and Ennui "Deer Flats" (gacha)
Hair: Doe "Pippy" (two tone)
Skin Appliers: Essences
Lipstick: Cheeky "My Autumn Lipstick" (applier)
Eyes: S0NG "Cia" (orange)
Horns Lassitude and Ennui "Slightly Monstrous Horns" (slightly?)
Head: Catwa "Catya"
Body, Hands and Feet: SLink