Wednesday, February 2, 2011

MENstuff 2 of 4: Just for Laughs

It's a pretty sure thing that if something gives me a hard bellylaugh, I tuck it away in my inventory somewhere. I thought this chainmail would fall into the Roleplay category, until I saw the booty shorts. ;P Still, I had fun dressing the outfit up with shiney Helmet and Sword.

Chainmail: Prodigal “Rame Mesh Shirt w/ Chest Sling Gold”
Shorts: Prodigal “Leather Shorts w/Zipper”
Beard: Valiant & Sacred “2.0 Beard V1 – Tintable” (tattoo layer, more colors included)
Harbinger and Stormie “Rarius Fate” Sword (not a hunt gift)
Mysts of Time “Copper Hoplite Commander – Spartan Helm” (not a hunt gift)


p.s. I have to put Vitamen's pearl thong into the "Just For Laughs" category, but there was not a chance I was taking a picture of that. ... with my luck, I'd get pubes tangled in between the pearls. Ouch.

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