Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Even though he has allergies, he still brought me flowers.

I don't have any eyedrops, sorry.

What a romantic! Loving spring.

I so enjoyed the Seasons Hunt for spring; I wanted to encourage the men to go too. Some of the hunt is just for you <3 ... I could have worn a shirt but I was enjoying Inotto's abs. Of course this season's hunt also includes boatloads of lovelies for the ladies and quite a lot of home furnishings. Enjoy!

Skin: Sacred "Andrew T3 - Beard v2 - hair" (Seasons Hunt prize)
Eyes: Hoot "Allergy Eyes (Blue)" (multi-color pack)(Seasons Hunt prize)
Pants: Valiant "3/4 Chino Style Pants" (Seasons Hunt prize)
Bouquet: Olive Juice "Spring Fling" (pose built in)(Seasons Hunt prize)


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