Friday, December 2, 2011


There is no clothes that I could buy
That could turn back the time

There is no vacation spot I could fly
That could bring back a piece of real life
Real life, what does it feel like?

I ask you tonight, I ask you tonight
What does it feel like? I ask you tonight
To live a real life?

I just want to be ...

Body: DOLLCOCO “Body(snow)” (Mesh)(gift)
Ears: DOLLCOCO “Gift_ElfEars” (Mesh) (gift)
Head: DOLLCOCO “Head(snow)_Emily” (Mesh)(also with closed eyes)
Hair: Alice Project “Amiya” (Mesh)
Outfit: Yabusaka “Mesh School Uniform” (Mesh)(also includes tights)
Poses: by Long Awkward Pose
Location: HappyMood
Lyrics: by Kanye West

This was a bit of experiment, trying to combine lots of mesh pieces by different makers, pieces that were not intended to be worn together. The Yabusaka outfit is meant to be worn on a Yabusaka dollie, not the Coco doll, so the pieces intersected oddly at the upper back. I wore long hair to cover it. The result is presentable but the thighs tend to stick through the skirt with more active animations. I don't care cause I love it anyway!! <3


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