Thursday, July 18, 2013


Innsmouth Medium

Well I figured if I was going to blog clothing with tentacles, I had to set up camera in Innsmouth. I haven't visited there for a while, and I'm happy to say that this happy little tourist spot has improved its ambiance since my last overnighter! Here's my first shot with a friendly native New Englander, we just met but it seems like we've been friends forever!

Innsmouth Seascape

I couldn't resist an extra shot of their quaint old-timey seaport ...

Innsmouth Back

I've been collecting these tentacle bits from Silentsparrow and Schadenfreude for a while, the collaborative vest and stockings have recently appeared at Fifty Linden Fridays. I thought this gorgeous Deco hair went with my antennae just perfectly. Really! Just don't miss the Deco booth at Hair Fair. I wanted to buy it all, but settled for a fatpack of this coif. (This odd angle I photographed just to show the hair from the side.)

Innsmouth Eyes

Had to add a little nose-sushi. Actually this Nose Ring is a group gift from Epic, which color changes, but in green it looks like a little bit of something evil is escaping my sinuses. Eww.

Innsmouth Feet

Shirt: Schadenfreude "White Oxford Shirt"
Vest: Schadenfreude "Green Tentacle Deep V Vest" (past 50L Friday)
Tie: Schadenfreude "Octopus Electrocute Tie"
Culottes: The Sea Hole "Odette Culottes" (vintage)
Stockings: Silentsparrow "Tentacle Socks" (past 50L Friday)
Shoes: Violent Seduction "Tacky Shoes"
Nose Ring: Epic "Succubus Snake" (VIP group gift)
Tentacles: Silentsparrow "Grassies Head Tentacles" (vintage)
Hair: Deco "Hiveish (mold)" (now available at Hair Fair)
Skin: Essences "Cho" (browless version)(sorry the dramatic lighting hides it)
Lipgloss: Croire "Mischief Night Gloss Slime" (vintage)
Eyes: Rue "Grimalkin Firefly"
Poses: (I forgot to write these down oopsie)
Location: Innsmouth



  1. <3 your blog. So many funky design elements go into your themed posts & I love them all!
    Your blog's 1 of my fave SL blog (along w/ Strawberry Singh's)

  2. Oh thank you honey! I feel a divided mind sometimes about whether to stick to "real" clothes or to do crazy posts, but I can never choose so I keep doing both. <3 Thanks for your support!


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