Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Christmas Wonderland 2

I ran over last night to take a sneak peek of Avi-Choice's Holidays Fair and it made my heart happy to see all the Christmas spirit and fun! You should go see all the Holly and Snowflakes and Santas. Of course this fair has plenty of Christmas shopping for clothes but I honestly had more fun looking at all the Holiday décor and cheer so I snapped a few photos. And picked up a couple of cute things for my house of course. :D

Christmas Wonderland 1

Santa is waiting for you to sit on his lap!! That is Winter Wonderland Shop's "Naughty or Nice" gift sitting in his lap. I understand all the stores will have one, but the venue was still being set up last night while I was there. A couple of the stores rudely gave me lumps of coal or snowballs but I'm sure it was all just a misunderstanding. Everyone knows how Nice I am. :O

Avi-Choice Holidays

Want to go? Here's your TAXI! Or you can read more about it over at the Avi-Choice website.


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