Friday, April 9, 2010

DON'T CALL ME KEN [edited]

Once again it is time for me to hijack Inotto and take him on a men's themed hunt for new clothing and accessories. There are a few hunts that we know from past experience are always worth the time, and the Make Him Over Hunt is one of them. Just don't tease him if you see him, yes I dressed him up like a big ol' Ken doll and spent a while photographing him. So far he has kept his sense of humor about it.

(OK Achariya this first shot I took with you in mind. We've all been enjoying your hunky photographs.) This gift skin from AtomicBambi is pleasantly good-looking. As indicated it is a Beta skin. If you get up close you can see a few patches that are very slightly blurry where seams were apparently removed, but from a reasonable distance these are not noticeable. I especially like the lips. Yummy.

Skin: AtomicBambi “Benicio Beta”
Necklace: Kosh “Betel Nut Necklace”
Hat/Hair: MADesigns “Brady Flat Cap (suede)”

Shirt: Alphamale “Slate Shirt”
Pants: Alphamale “Formal Pants II Stripesilver”
Shoes: Kalnins “Crossyard Shoes” (texture change)
Hair: Bryce “Wayne Greedy Pack” (megapack)
Skin: AtomicBambi “Benicio Beta”

Swimwear/Underwear/Lifeguard Gear: Vitamen “Rescue Tank and Boxers” (save me baby!)
Hair: Pocket Mirrors “Lorien Ponytail”

Jacket: Connors “MHOH3 Hoodie”
Shirt: Prodigal “MHOH Gift T-shirt” (This shirt is so thin that wearing it without the hoodie will get you really really cold. You'll see what I mean.)
Pants: Immerschoen “Jeans Pants Destroy#3”
Glasses: Kumaki Glasses “K_gs Samurai_MHOH3_edition 1.00” (customizable a zillion ways)
Skin: Atomic Bambi “Benicio Beta”

Shirt: hate this “YADIW” ... EDIT!! since the opening of the hunt this hunt prize was changed to one of less quality and the YADIW shirt was made a dollarbie. Still, this shirt is definitely worth more than one Linden Dollar. Enough said. (I already bought some other shirts there; I do shop where I hunt, when quality justifies it.)

Pants: Prodigal “low rise silk pants charcoal”
Boots: Delirium “Mens Fallen Angel Boots”
Hair: Fiction “Tirade”
Skin: Nikita Fride “Make Him Over Hunt 2010”

Another very nice skin. This one is rather rocker-goth, the poor guy looks like he was in a knife fight once from the scar that bisects one eyebrow, there is a tribal style tattoo around one eye and two piercings on his lower lip.

Shirt: SAD “Sad Tee”
Pants: Fir “Pinstripe Pants Mocha”
Hat/Hair Avoid “Blake – Onyx”
Necklace: Aidoru “Ballschain Pic Necklace” (you can put your own pic on front)
Skin: AtomicBambi “Benicio Beta”

Shirt: Immerschoen “Sammy (Blue)”
Pants: Immerschoen “Jeans Pants Destroy#3”
Hat/Hair: MADesigns “Boston Flat Cap (fabric) Almond Frost”
Eyes: DNA Cloning Facility “Legacy Type 1 Eyes White” (multipack)
Skin: Illninia “Ignacio”

I wanted to say something about this skin too. Illninia is a new skinmaker, I think, located over in the hostile territory of the Wastelands. I like that they have skins with a more unusual, less pretty appearance. I tried several demo skins on my loving Guinea-Pig and was impressed. I look forward to seeing what else this skin maker produces in the future.

Pants: Jasper “Mister Bear Roll-Up Shorts”
Shirt: Jasper “Emerald High-Collar Sweatshirt”
Hair: MADesigns “Brady Flat Cap (suede)”
Skin: AtomicBambi “Benicio Beta”

This last item made me get all excited and even Inotto cracked a smile. This lovely DCCXXIII “W19” vintage pocket watch is color and texture change, a working timepiece. The leather case has a strap with snap that opens and closes to keep the watch from getting lost, I opened it so you could see the whole watch face. Wow.

Other Non-Hunt Items Used:
Eyes: MADesigns “Naturals Sunshine Blue Eyes”
Poses: by Diesel Works and MADesigns
Photostudio: by N30


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