Tuesday, August 13, 2013

MISS LAVENDER part two: "T.T. D. B. C."

That's "Things That Drive Bloggers Crazy". So here I am to vent about the things that were making me rip out bits of hair during my last photo shoot: (Feel free to click through to larger versions of the photos if you want to see more clearly what I am talking about.)

Miss Lavender Glitch One

The top half of each photo shows what I look like before turning on the new version of the "Advanced Lighting Model", for comparison. Now you know I love shadows and ambient occlusion et cetera, I love the overall softness of the new lighting. But I'm having some trouble with the newest version. First, you can see that the Alpha Mask that hides the system eyelashes is clashing with my prim eyelashes.  And hunks of my hair vanish, particularly around my bangs.

Miss Lavender Glitch Three

Take a look at my ponytail ... I wonder if there is a transparent prim built into this wig? Well, its a pretty new rigged mesh wig, so I doubt it. *scratches head*

Miss Lavender Glitch Two

I was having fun with the jewelry too. Now in the bottom half of this photo, I prefer the overall shading, shadows, and the clarity and reflectivity on the larger oval gems. But the texture vanishes on the smaller gems completely. I'm not completely certain, but I think these gems are textured on the inside surface, and transparent on the outside surface. *facepalm*

So what did I do? I didn't notice the glitches until I was shooting the close-up photos, and I didn't want to start over so late at night. So I pasted the gemstones from the top shot over the blackened gems in the second shot, and fudged the hair a bit. Ack. Saved by Photoshop.



  1. I had some trouble recently when photographing, where my hair just looked dreadful with atmospheric shaders on, so I just simply unchecked it (lost shadows) and had to find a windlight that flattered the jewelry and hair. I assumed it was just the particular hair was having issues, but I guess there is something new happening? I use the latest Firestorm viewer btw.

  2. I solved the mystery of the patchy hair just today and am planning to write about it tomorrow. *waves*


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