Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Ruth Is That You?

You might remember that two weeks ago I was complaining about some weird glitches that I were experiencing whilst trying to use the new "Advanced Lighting Model" in the updated Linden viewer. Overall I like what the new viewer does with shadows and the ambient light feels softer and kinder to me, but there are issues like with anything newish that is still in development.

... So to get to my point, I took this picture yesterday while I was trying on outfits. I popped off my wig. (What is that?!? Am I wearing an invisible prim on my head?) I quickly checked my "Current Outfit" Folder. No, I'm not wearing anything on my head, but you know, that looks just like Ruth's System Hair!

So here is what I found out: I went to look at my Bald Base. For you new folks, the Bald Base

1) controls the shape of your eyebrows, and
2) makes you bald so you can wear a wig, or if you set the hairstyle longer, you get System Hair (a.k.a. the ugliest hair of all time). System Hair was what they used in the dark ages before anyone made wigs.

You can shrink the System Hair very short so it all sits inside your cranium. But the maker of my eyebrows just applied a transparent texture to the System Hair instead of shrinking it. This transparency was conflicting with the transparent textures in my wigs. *sigh* I fixed that, and now my wigs look right again. Hopefully that helps some of you too!


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