Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Christmas Expo

I'm excited to tell you that this year's Expo is everything I wanted from a Christmas Expo! Four Beautiful sims of holiday goodness, tons of decorations, and nice presents for you to give to your family and friends. Every store will have a special vendor item whose proceeds go to the Relay for Life raising funds for cancer research. Last night I went over for the blogger preview and got all excited. This week I will be showing a variety of what's-on-the-Menu, I hope you'll join me there. If you would like to follow the event coverage, they have a Flickr group here.

Christmas Three

Oh let's start with a Tree! This one is Roawenwood's Winter Memories Tree, it's a charity benefit item. There are so many lovely trees to choose from in the shops, but on December 5th when it opens, there will also be a spot dedicated to the charity trees. I have to tell you I bought more than one :D

Christmas Expo Two

Oh hey, meet my buddy Elvis! Yes you can sit on him if you'd like. Unlike the other Elvis, he doesn't rock. :P  ... I guess he's not in the mood. But he's so festive with the wreath of flashing lights and that cute bow on his little bum. If you like him, stop by at the Kaerri shopfront.

Christmas Expo One

And another benefit item from Marmelade. These cute sets also include a second wall art, and a candy dish with a holiday cracker. They come in three different themes. This one is called "Rustic". There is also a set in traditional Christmas colors, and another in a blue and white winter theme. One caveat, the chair and ottoman are not resizable and they were too small for my avatar, so please sit on the chairs in the store to make sure they work for you. I love the snowflake lamp!


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