Friday, May 7, 2010


Nothing schmancy, just this year's beachwear. I love this suit. The bum ruffles remind me of the ruffle underpants I had when I was little. You remember those?

This happily sloppy man's shirt is comfy and will keep me from getting too much sunburn.

Have you seen my book?

Shirt: Mr. Poet “Off Shoulder Shirt” (also includes tanktop not shown)
Swimsuit: Surf Couture “Seaside One Piece – Purple”
Glasses: Deco “Soviet Sleeper Glasses Green” (at Trilogy on Combeynot)
Shoes: YS & YS Raimbow Shoes Bianca (texture change, from the Dressing Room)
Skin: PXL Creations “Luthien Blue”
Hair: booN “ZGO223”
Eyes: Poetic Color “Night Rain”
Poses: by Dismorph, Long Awkward Pose, Penny Dreadful Arcade (unavailable)
Photostudio: by N30


p.s. I did need to modify the prims on the shirt a good bit, because it was shaped to fit men, but it wasn't too hard. Apart from just the size, I tilted the bottom edges of the shirt-tails outward a little to keep them from cutting into my hips. Not too difficult.

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