Monday, May 24, 2010


Well the hair makes me think of Boy George.

(Indulge me while I think about the eighties. Not exactly Pat Benatar or Heart, not exactly John Cougar Mellencamp before he quietly abandoned his Cougar, more of a flashy Boy George or Stray-Cat-Strut kinda eighties. Fun!)

Admiring my Pony Earrings?

This guitar includes a HUD that lets you control several strums and stances to let you get your Rock on. This version was a gift in the Hunting9 hunt, but Kumaki is rapidly turning into a rockers' dream with guitars and gorgeous drum kits.

Guitar: Kumaki Glasses Style “K_gs MTG/hunting9 version” (guitar/animations/HUD)
Tattoo Sleeves: KatatOnik “(light) Sakura Storm Tattoo Sleeve 2”
Jacket: Touche “Ski Bunny Parka”
Shirt: Tyranny Designs “Find Me in the Rain”
Leggings: Ducknipple “Foul Purple” (on underwear layer)
Socks: Zenith “Star Socks” (gift)
Shoes: Creativ Design “Free Graffiti Sneakers” (free on XStreet)
Earrings: Mauve’s “MB’s Punk Pony Earrings” (DSN sample)
Hair: Posh “Zombielicious” (Zombie Popcorn Hunt gift)
Hair Braids: Exile “Laya Braid Attachment/ violetdawn”
Skin: Garage “Cyber Punk skin ton-3 mk-2”
Eyes: Poetic Color “Night Rain”
Photo Studio: N30


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