Thursday, May 20, 2010


You might think she is a wannabe except for her ears. Rough notches look like they have been taken out of each ear, with a tool that wasn't very sharp. They're still healing.

Still, no weapons. At least not that you can see. Unless you count lace as a weapon.

She strolls the street talking to herself a little.

"They call me a radical, an anarchist, a whack job. The E.L.F.s cannot accept this way of living. ... Can you believe it? Here is all that is left of my woods!!"

(About the Hair! I cannot recommend enough that you go try on a demo of this hairpiece. Two of my hair wishes found a solution in this one hairpiece. ...

First, I wanted hair that is wearable under hats. This hair does not cover the top of your head but it's not intended to be worn without a hat. In the past I have enlarged hats to fit over various hairdos, but that never really looks right. I have also worn short men's hair under hats but wished for something more feminine. This style is actually much cuter in three dimensions than I could easily show in a snapshot.

Second, I wanted hair that is designed around my pointed fae-elf ears. Typically hair is designed to lay flat over human ears. This hair parts around each ear, with most of the hair behind and a couple of bits of hair curving appropriately around the front of each ear. Often I have to do lots of editing to fit hair so that it does not poke through my ears. Again, you really will see what I mean better if you go try on a demo. I also like having some hair in front of each ear to cover the juncture between the ear and the face, which never blends perfectly no matter how good a job you do matching the color.)

Hat: End “corduroy castro hat”
Neckscarf: Tonktastic“Shemagh Scarf 2”
Shirt: The Plastik “Tomboy Tee Reverb”
Belt: WinkL “Belt Chain”
Shorts: Ducknipple “Shorts.jeans blue dirteh”
Undies: Angel Dessous “Provocateur”
Boots: Miel “Hai Boots”
Ears: Scribble “Pointy Ears Notched”
Hairpiece: booN “COC073”
Eyelashes: Glow Studio “Innocent.eyelashes – pure”
Eyes: Poetic Color “Night Rain”
Skin: PXL Creations “Luthien Blue”
Poses: by Long Awkward Pose
Location: Primitive City


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