Saturday, May 30, 2009


Strolling through the swish of flowers and lush grass, I exhale, suddenly feeling relaxed. A sunbeam crosses the pathway, dazzling my eyes. As my eyes adjust I plunge into a wild tangle of flowers that stand tall enough to cast shade over me.

I hear a faint musical tinkling up the pathway and follow the enchanted sound through the trees and across antique plank bridges toward the sound ... finally I locate the chimes here where water flows quietly like timeless tears from a great stone head, perhaps fallen from an ancient statue, now scarred and obscured by moss.

The pathway winds over hills and under trees past odd sights, quiet resting places, bowing trees, a rustic fishing dock, and an assortment of clocks with hands that spin erratically as if they can't decide whether time flows forward or backward here ...

Exploring seacaves and walking on underwater paths, where luminous sea grasses point my way with slow motion, I finally find this titan temple. I am awed by the misty filtered light and the crumbling wooden supports. Standing on tiptoes I try to make out the opalescent painted carvings on the fallen columns.

Some places make me feel very small. ...

Trees, vines and wild flowers are encroaching on the island ruins. As I walk through, A strong breeze blows sweet pollen and dandelion seeds across the flowery courtyard.

If you have sailed quickly in and out of Oubliette, perhaps to visit Balderdash or Evie’s Closet, you have missed the opportunity to seek the secrets of what I believe is one of the most beautiful and memorable islands in our world. A few shops are scattered in the woods and slopes of the isle, but most of the island is an explorer’s gem. Hidden spots of peace and beauty are tucked in across the island, so look carefully, and take your time.

Dress: Silentsparrow “Seelie (althea)”
Tattoo: Silentsparrow “crowjane tattoos"
Hair: Waka and Yuki “Hair 37 Type D” (I swear this is a standard color. When I saw the hair I knew instantly what dress I would wear it with.)
Necklace: Kess Kreations “Cassandra Locket” (tinted ribbon)
Ankle Bells: EMO-tions “gungroo”
Skin: PixelSpa “Blanc: Violette” (No longer available)
Eyes: IC Eyes “Ina Centaur 2007” (gift)

Thanks again to Whimsy Winx and her friend, for taking the time to talk to me for a few minutes about the ongoing renovations.

SLurl: Oubliette



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