Monday, December 24, 2012


Are you ready? I'm almost ready. Shopping for my family all squared away, I'm in my pajamas and getting in the mood for tomorrow. I hope you and hours will have a fabulous Christmas!

I'll see you out and about in the New Year. I won't be blogging until after we eat the Rosca de Reyes on January 6. I'm taking a little vacation to play with my kiddo!

Cardigan: Ison “Kimono Sleeve Cardigan”
Borrowed Tank Top: Vitamen “Ribbed Cotton Tank”
Bottoms: Bounce “Vintage Dandi Fleur Rose”
Hair: booN “WMO003”
Skin: Curio “:GP: Bean [Light] Elf-Snug 1”
Eyes: Ikon “Horizon Eyes”
Lashes: Glow Studio “Innocent. eyelashes – pure”
Footsies: Your Skin and Your Shape “BareFeet” (texture change HUD)

House: Trompe L’Oeil “Frostbite Cottage” (Collabor88)
Snowflake: Trompe L’Oeil “Advent Calendar Snowflake” (the Arcade)
Lantern: Trompe L’Oeil “Advent Calendar Lantern” (the Arcade)
Cake: Tres Blah “Pastry Mania Chocolate” (the Arcade)
Treats: Artilleri “Kim Cake Stand with Noms”
Tree: Botanical “Green Holiday Fir Small”
Side Table: TokiDoki “Wooden Vintage Table”
Rocking Chair: Tatty Soup “Reindeer Rocker”
Sofas: Lisp “Valentine Sofa and Footstool”
Rug: Kosh “I Can’t Think Straight”
Books: Herbalys “Book Set 2”
Ornament Boxes: Nach “Bauble Shadow Box” (old)


Saturday, December 22, 2012


A modern take on an asian Princess? Wearing a modern peplum done in oriental silks, a new tiara that maybe looks a little Thai, and some juicy avant-kink boots just to make you wonder. Red and Green and Black. The R2 Top and Glam Affair skin with pink cheeks are from Collabor88, the Lassitude and Ennui tiara is available just for December at L'Accessoires venue.

Oh yes boots! Luckily in Second Life I don't have to worry about losing my balance :D

Shirt: R2 "Matsushima Kikuzakura" (Collabor88)
Tiara: Lassitude and Ennui "Dreamer Tiara" (L'Accessoires)
Boots: MV "Dita Boots Cherry"
Pants: Royal Blue "Zip Up Leggings" (unavailable)
Hair: Exile "Liv"
Skin: Glam Affair "Amberly Europa Frostbite" (Collabor88)
Eyes: Ikon "Horizon"
Lashes: Glow Studio "Innocent. eyelashes - pure"
Poses: by Alchemy Immortalis and Epiphany


Thursday, December 20, 2012


Even Catwoman is occasionally in a better mood, for example at Christmas. Grouchy and cynical most of the year, she over-compensates a little in December. (Okay, a lot.) Today she is ready to install a truly gargantuan outdoor lights display. It is so large, she must use a Grappling Hook to hang the decorations.

That's no problem because she recently purchased Deco's fully functional Grappling Hook and the accompanying heavy duty gloves, suitable for both climbing and rappelling.

LOL this post began as me trying to figure out what to wear with Mina's cat mask and hair, which is one of the fundraising items at the Together for Sway benefit. The accompanying texture-change HUD changes the Mask to five colors, and the hair to a half dozen candied colors. If you prefer normal haircolors, they are available but not also as part of the fundraiser.

Mask/Hair: Mina "Kat" (special edition for Together for Sway)
Shirt: mijn.t "Pepe is My Cat Boodysuit" (oooOoOold fave!)
Pants: The Abyss "Chaos Leather Pants"
Grappling Hook and Gloves: Deco "Grappling Belt and Gloves"(scripted)
Boots: Schadenfreude "Leith Boots" (mesh)(@Collabor88)(customizing HUD)
Ornament Mouthies: A. D. D. Andel "Mouth Ornaments" (Together for Sway)
Earrings: Schadenfreude "Jingle Bell Earrings" (oooOoOldie)
Skin: Glam Affair "Amberly Europa Frostbite" (@Collabor88)
Eyes: Ikon "Horizon"
Eyeshadow: Kooqla "Chameleon"
Poses: by Epiphany


Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Clementine finally gave birth to her foal, who turned out to be a lovely little white Percheron. So exciting!! ... I named him Angelus. For the next three days his mother will be nursing him to the exclusion of all other interests to get him off to a good start in life. I thought maybe I'd better get back to the ABC store and pick up some more hay and another salt lick; obviously the more horses you have, the faster the food and supplies are used.

What's this?

As I was in the supply shop, I noticed Iron Gryphon, a gorgeous Drum stallion for sale at a ridiculously low price. I'm especially loving the braided tail and hoping it breeds true. They are all so beautiful!

Read more about Awesome Breeds Creations horses at their Official Website.


Monday, December 17, 2012


I study nuclear science
I love my classes
I got a crazy teacher, he wears dark glasses

Things are going great, and they're only getting better
I'm doing all right, getting good grades
The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades

I gotta wear shades ...

It may take more effort this week to see the sunny side of life, but please do. Sometimes it is hard to remember, in the face of evil, that evil is the minority, and is fated to lose.

Jacket: Sassy! "London Jacket" (mesh)
Pants: Sassy! "Tribeca Leather Pants" (mesh)
Camisole: PixelDolls "Tintable Cami" (unavailable)
Boots: Hoorenbeek "Lucille" (group gift)
Glasses: Reek "Junior Shades" (texture change HUD)
Hair: booN "TOM245"
Skin: Kooqla "Spacecat" (sold out @Limited Bazaar)
Poses: by Epiphany


Saturday, December 15, 2012


This morning I have a few cute bits and bobs I "had to have" from the Winter Fair, mixed with some old favorites. This lovely mesh cropped jacket from Valentina E, Bliensen and Maitai's antique holiday baubles, the animal-style hat and cushy knit legwarmers are all available at this year's Winter Fair.

I went to shop but was not surprised to find quite a few of the shops had set out lovely and generous gifts. JesyLilo's festive Holiday skin is one of them. These happy red lips are perfect for your red-and-green outfits, or for your NewYear's party. Try on some skins at this shop: I'm surprised how they can be dressed down to look little-girlish, or dressed up to look quite sophisticated.

Jacket: Valentina E. "Jeweled Jacket" (mesh)(@Winter Fair)
Jewelry: Bliensen and Maitai "Sinterklass" and "Feliz Navidad" (@Winter Fair)
Hat: Fe Style "Giraffe Trapper Hat" (@Winter Fair)
Legwarmers: Pure Poison "Nordic Knit Warm Legwarmers" (@Winter Fair)
Skin: JesyLilo "WinterFair2012 GiftSkin" (gift @Winter Fair)
Eyes: Al Vulo "Carry On Stargaze Eyes" (gift @Winter Fair)

Turtleneck: "Basic Turtleneck"
Sweater: Paper Doll "Hannah" (old fave)
Pants: Doppleganger "Cuffed Cords" (old fave)
Mittens: League "Sheepskin Mittens"
Belt: "Wide Waist Belt"
Shoes: Sleepy Eddy "Gacha Sandal"
Hair: booN "JOPE57" bangs and "Gathered Raised Hairbase"
Cosmetic: Elate! "Gold Cateye Eyeliner"
Lashes: Glow Studio "Innocent. eyelashes - pure"
Poses: by Marukin


Friday, December 14, 2012


... Today I am a Matchmaker. (Call me Miss Woodhouse.)

Clementine is finally old enough to be formally introduced to her prospective mate. Meet Mister Darcy. From the look in her eye, Love at First Sight ... and she is beginning to become accustomed to his presence.

Clementine and Mister Darcy are breedable Starter Horses from Awesome Breed Creations, from their shop at the Christmas Expo. Starter Horses appear to be simply ordinary bay horses, but have hidden recessive traits that can appear in their children. Their offspring will be eligible for breeding, or for training to Race. I can't wait to see the babies!

Dress: Sassy “Julia” (RFL benefit item @Christmas Expo)
Jacket and Hat: Baiastice “Iko”
Leggings: Mimikri “Sequin Leggings”
Gloves: Boom “Dame Elbow Gloves” (mesh)
Shoes: Gos “Dare Booties” (texture change HUD)
Hair: Wasabi Pills “Kylee”
Skin: Kooqla “Spacecat” (sold out @Limited Bazaar)
Eyes: Ikon “Horizon”
Pose: by Epiphany
Horses: Awesome Breed Creations (Starter Horses gift @Christmas Expo)
House: Trompe L’Oeil “Frostbite Cottage” (@Collabor88)
Sled: Cheeky Pea “Chilly Sled” (@Collabor88)
Toy Soldier: ReyCon “Toy Soldier” (old gift unavailable)
Snowman: Rez “rez_snowman” (old gift unavailable)



The Christmas Expo is having a Breedables Auction tomorrow, December 15th, all proceeds to Relay for Life charity. You might like to go view the breedables here at the Xmas Expo 5 Sim and be tempted! If you would like to bid, you will have to pre-register at the Christmas Expo website and work through a Proxy Bidder. Read all about it.

Separately, there is an auction of donated items accepting bids here through December 19th. Some of the items are breedables and some are not, but are special items donated by other Expo vendors and private parties. :D Loving it.


Tuesday, December 11, 2012


If you would like to brighten up your home for the Holidays you can find almost anything you need at the Christmas Expo. This fireplace set for example is an exclusive benefit item with all proceeds benefiting Relay for life. Cheery warmth, holiday color and two cushion seats for your friends. The amount of other decoration items are mind boggling! If you are looking for a Christmas tree, a Menorah, Garlands of greenery and ribbon, twinkle lights, interactive trays of edibles, toys for your kids ... find it all at the Expo!

Prime "Christmas Fireplace" (exclusive Christmas Expo benefit item)
Tatty Soup "Reindeer Rocker" (I bought this last year but it's still available)


Sunday, December 9, 2012


If you would like your shopping at the Christmas Expo to benefit the Relay for Life, here is a cute option for you. The Strangelings are a new collaboration between The Magic of Oz folks, Candy Cerveau and Malkavyn Eldritch, with a team of way-smarty-pantsier-than-moi-people at Flying Monkey Interactive. The Strangelings game outside of Second Life will be a "Genetics-Based 3D Game" that lets you breed virtual pets on mobile, tablets, and the internet. Within Second Life, the Strangelings are avatars that can be customised in about eleventy-billion ways to match any of the pets you could possibly breed in the game.

In addition to the basic avatar, you can buy customization packs with tails, headgear, hind legs, and spinal attachments. You can use the heads-up display to customize colors and patterns, and to control the cute built-in animation set. I colored mine very simply, but if you would like to wear purple with orange zebra pattern, or teal with sunny yellow dalmation spots, be my guest. A unicorn horn? A scorpion stinger? Duck feet? Enjoy them all!

And while the Christmas Expo is open, you can purchase the Strangelings Ultimate pack for L$1250. That's fifty percent off the normal cost of L$2500, and all proceeds will benefit Relay for Life. What's not to love? All for a good cause!

Read more about the Christmas Expo for Relay for Life,
Read more about Strangelings, and
Read more about Flying Monkey Interactive.


Friday, December 7, 2012


Actually, I would never have dared ask Santa for a Horse for Christmas! But here she is. I've called her Clementine. My jaw dropped when I placed her next to my skating pond. You should know that she is a Breedable horse from Awesome Breed Creations and she was a free gift from their shop at the Christmas Expo.

BUT you know there is a catch? Every shop in the Expo has a gift giver, but when you touch it, Santa decides whether you were naughty or nice this year. Most of us are naughty some of the time, so you might get a lump of coal or aomething like that. But if Santa decides you were very good, you can get something very very NICE! Like Clementine.

Did you notice that there are two gifts in the picture? The Amaretto Breedables shop Santa said "naughty" and treated me to a steaming pile of horse poo. But if you get the poo, you can go back two hours later and maybe Santa will change his mind :P

I think it's refreshing that this Christmas Expo is less focused on just fashion and has many more creative gifting ideas for your friends and the people you love. The breedables category this year includes dogs and cats, bunnies, horses, creatures-not-possible-in-real-life, plants and even SHOES! Breedable shoes? Who knew? You need to go see all this stuff to believe it!

Read more about the Christmas Expo at:
Read more about the Horse at:



One unconventional outfit in traditional Christmas colors. I picked up the dress and jewels at the Christmas Expo. Honestly this may be the only outfit I show you from the event, because although there is plenty of fashion, the Expo is overflowing with other things I found more Exciting!! I will be showing you more this week! *Squee*!

This party dress from LIV-Glam is fabulous because it comes with a HUD that lets you change to NINETEEN different textures and also tint to fine-tune the color. Need I say more? You will definitely see it again soon. Today I picked a red texture to be seasonal. I layered it over a turtleneck and leggings because let's face it, baby it's cold outside!

You can read all about it at: .

Dress: LIV-Glam "Vintage Chic" (mesh)(texture change)(Christmas Expo)
Turtleneck: Aoharu "TurtleNeck Knit"
Leggings: Teefy "Lacey Black 2"
Boots: Lapointe and Bastchild "Elise"
Necklace/Earrings: Sax Shepherd Designs "Nebula Merry" (Christmas Expo)
Necklace: Sax Shepherd Designs "60s Celluloid Lipstick" (Christmas Expo)
Bracelets: Sax Shepherd Designs "Mesh Bangles Gold/Candy" (Christmas Expo)
Glasses: Deco "Swank Glasses"
Hair: Exile "Violetta"
Skin: PXL "Faith Old Hollywood" (VIP group gift!)
Poses: by Marukin


Thursday, December 6, 2012


Last evening I was playing in my closet and thinking not-so-profound thoughts, about upcoming holiday mayhem, the kidster, how inconvenient it is to be sick in December, yada yada, whilst making an outfit and messing with lighting and poses. Thinking that I miss Gala Phoenix and her fall and winter releases, so I pulled out last year's Christmas skin to remind myself and you. Thinking about the amazing generosity of (most) people in Second Life.

And the talent. Don't forget the talent. I have long since ditched all my other online foolishness, but I still keep coming back to Second life, to buy pixel shoes. And hamsters. I have a lot of hamsters.

Shirt: Celoe "Rhonda Top True" (mesh)(old group gift still available)
Skirt: Ingenue "Lauren" (mesh)
Shoes: Ingenue "Scorpius" (mesh)
Hair: Exile "Tempest"
Skin: Curio ":GP: Angel-Happy Holidays" (2011 Christmas Gift)
Eyes: Ikon "Horizon"
Lashes: Glow Studio "Innocent.eyelashes - pure"
Facelight: NLight FREE 2.0 (available on SL Marketplace)
Poses: by Animazoo and oOo Studio,
           modified by Berries "Headfreezer"


Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Requesting that one of the Drow Acolytes of Lolth submit to photography can be tricky, unless you can offer something they really, really, really want.

"I did stupid posing, now give me Lolly! Now!!"

"Next time you show face in Underdark, you better have more than one. Understand?"

This Draziirah skin was recently a prerelease skin Plastik sold for Lazy Sundays, with the understanding that more skins will appear soon. The pack included some glowing golden eyes I didn't show here. Looking forward to seeing more skintones and makeups! Please note that this skin is very dark so I used an extreme windlight setting to make it easier to see the details.

Underthings: Plastik "Valerian" (this was a Halloween edition but many other patterns in store)
Boots: Lassitude and Ennui "Sugarskull Boots" (mesh)(Gacha)(Unhinged Fundraiser Exclusive)
Lolly: Shabby Tabby "SweetSkulls Mouthy" (Gacha lollies! bet you can't eat just one!)(Unhinged)
Hair: Exile "Miu"
Skin/Ears: Plastik "Drazirah [Aleria]"
Eyes: Poetic Colors "Fairy Eyes - wolf dark"
Adjustable Facelight: Nlight FREE 2.0 (SL Marketplace)
Poses: by ImpEle and Long Awkward Pose (unavailable)

The Unhinged Fundraiser is open until December 15. Read more about it.


Monday, November 26, 2012


All the suede of this Hucci outfit feels so decadent to me! ... True story, this year I was groaning as I passed by all the suede shoes at one of my favorite shops. I love suede, but let's face it, it doesn't last long enough. Hard to clean, chafed spots show wear too quickly, and before you know it, you are throwing away your favorite shoes. In this regard, Second Life is obviously superior, your nice things never wear out, although the inventory monster might munch on a few of them occasionally ...

I know you've seen this stuff from Collabor88 already, it's all fabulous. I think the coordinated palette is wonderful and working together must be so much more fun for the designers. The Schadenfreude boots are delicious and HUD-driven to control the leatherwork details. Amazed.

Dress: Hucci "Soure" (mesh)(at Collabor88)
Leggings: The Secret Store "Blue Wool Tights"
Boots: Schadenfreude "Amargosa Boots" (mesh)(at Collabor88)
Rings: Yummy "Boho Rings" (at Collabor88)
Earrings and Necklace: LaGyo "Titiana"
Hair: Ink Hair "Natum" (this color was exclusive at Hair Fair)
Skin: Atomic "Grace"
Eyes: MADesigns "Eyes Nature Ocean Deep" (okay these are really old!)
Eyeshadow: by Miamai
Poses: by Label Motion and oOo Studio


Sunday, November 18, 2012


What I meant to say is, I realize the hat is kinda corny but I love it anyway! Lots of fun for Thanksgiving!! The Kawaii Turkey Chapka is Epic's prize in the Dirty Turkey Hunt. You need one.


Hat: Epic "Kawaii Turkey Chapka" (Dirty Turkey hunt prize)
Tunic: Epic "Boho Tunic Dress" (mesh)(this print a VIP group cheapie)
Shirt: "Ruched Button Down" (oldie)
Leggings: Maitreya "Couture Leggings" (mesh)
Hair: Truth "Swift" (mesh)
Skin: Glam Affair "Roza"
Eyes: Ikon "Horizon"
Facelight: Nlight FREE 2.0 (on SL Marketplace)
Poses: by Label Motion and Marukin


Sunday, November 11, 2012


Today I am overindulging in my favorite purple. I started with the romantic blouse, then piled on purple hair and lipgloss and boots. Why not?

Love the details of the butterfly, the lace and the gold embroidery on these so soft suede boots. A simple outfit, raised to art.

Shirt: Glam Affair "Dorota" (mesh)
Shirt: PixelDolls "Duchess" (unavailable)
Undershirt: PixelDolls "Tintable Cami" (unavailable)
Leggings: The Secret Store "Purple Wool Tights"
Boots: Lassitude and Ennui "Embroidered Boots" (mesh)
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer "Jeweled Butterfly" (mesh)
Hair: Exile "Collide" (mesh)
Skin: Glam Affair "Roza Unnamed" (group gift)
Tattoo: Plastik "Soul Ink Lothlorien"
Lipgloss: Croire "Mischief Night Gloss Poison"
Eyes: Ikon "Horizon"
Lashes: Glow Studio "Innocent. eyelashes - pure"
Poses: by CheerNo


Saturday, November 10, 2012


So I changed my place to reflect today's snowy weather. The kidster is out playing in it. I love snow as long as I can look at it from inside with a cup of hot chocolate right? But it's so pretty.

If you are living on the USA's east coast, I hope you can find a warm comfy spot out of the weather. I'm thinking about you.

Dress: Coco "Shirt Dress" (mesh)(this color is a group gift but there are others)
Boots: Lassitude and Ennui "Suede Boots" (mesh) Yummylish!
Necklace: Lassitude and Ennui "Queen's Gambit" (mesh)
Necklace: Lassitude and Ennui "Scorpio Key" (mesh)(at Zodiac)
Ring: Schadenfreude "Milk Chocolate Bonbon" (gacha)
Hair: Wasabi Pills "Amelie" (mesh)
Skin: Kooqla "Cherie" (also comes with a light brows version)
Lipstick: Kooqla "Hot (Reds) - 04" (for Cherie Skin)
Teeth: Kooqla "Ojen - Teeth" (came with a different lips pack)
Eyes: Ikon "Horizon"
Lashes: Glow Studio "Innocent. eyelashes - pure"
Poses: by Animazoo, Bang and Frooti


Friday, November 2, 2012


Appropriate wear for the nobility of outer space. I thought maybe Barsoom, the Courts of Chaos or perhaps Giedi Prime?

The jeweled, epauletted, white leather finery with diamonds, pearls and platinum embossed scrollwork is fine enough for the proudest nobles. NV's "Ascension of Silver" outfit also includes some large spiky jewels and a big fluffy ballgown skirt, but I don't think a big skirt and a pistol wear well together.

And I considered adding a big fur cape, ermine or something, then recalled the wise advice of Ms. Edna Mode:


Outfit: NV Corsetry "Ascension of Silver" (mesh)(skirt and jewels not shown)
Undershirt: Dernier Cri "Cutout Turtleneck" (tinted)
Boots: Lassitude and Ennui "Assassin Boots"
Pistol: Seraphim Systems "The Countess" (scripted)
Goggles: Xen "Cy Hacker Goggles" (unavailable)
Hair: booN "LCA518" (mesh) and booN "Gathered Raised Hairbase"
Skin: Kooqla "Cherie" (gift for Avenue group at Kooqla mainstore)
Lipstick: Kooqla "Hotmix 02"
Poses: by Lazy Places (unavailable)