Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I am almost at the end of my Vintage Fair coverage which is a little sad. I really enjoy this and many other themed events so much that I hate to see them end. I've so much enjoyed seeing what the rest of the fashion community has done with these pieces! ... So here's one more. I picked out Cold Logic's mini with its classic line, I love the shape and the color combination. I dressed them up with some Maitreya Leggings and some cute, flirty little flowered wedges that Lassitude and Ennui just released.

I wore the mesh leggings in a very small size so they would fit under the top. The color isn't a perfect match, but close enough. Ms. Ennui's shoes are of course marvelous, and yes, you can tint the skin and paint the toenails several colors. She set them out at L'Accesoires for a couple more weeks, and afterward will move back to the L&E store.

Dress: coldLogic "Christie" (mesh)(Vintage Fair)
Leggings: Maitreya "Couture Leggings" (mesh)
Shoes: Lassitude and Ennui "Blossom Wedges" (mesh)(at L"Accessoires)
Hair: Exile "Miu"
Skin: Essences "Moira" (Vintage Fair)
Lipstick: Essences "VF Lips 12" (Vintage Fair)
Eyes: Ikon "Horizon"
Lashes: Maitreya "Mesh Eyelashes" (mesh)(group gift)
Poses: Adorkable (modified by the Berries "Headfreezer")


Monday, August 20, 2012


Stepping into the dim light under a neglected city lamp post, a few little fireflies float by. Maybe they are attracted to the summery yellow shirt and bag?

More light from the car headlights than from the lamp post.

The lamp post comes with two poses, so you and a friend can hang on the left and right sides of the pole. Another sweet pose prop available at Vintage Fair.  ;)

Shirt: Perception "Boatneck Top" (mesh)(Vintage Fair)
Skirt: Purple Moon "Jackie Skirt" (mesh)(Vintage Fair)
Brooch: Bliensen and MaiTai "Siegfried Lizzard" (Vintage Fair)
Purse: Zenith "Lemon Satchel Bag" (three poses)(Vintage Fair)
Shoes: ChaChaDee "1970s Heel Reptile Black" (Vintage Fair)
Skin: Essences "Moira" (Vintage Fair)
Lipstick: Essences "VF lips 10" (Vintage Fair)
Hair: booN "UUT644"
Eyes: Ikon "Horizon"
Prop and Poses by Motionless (Vintage Fair)


Saturday, August 18, 2012


I was excited to see that NV has a shop in Vintage Fair this year. It isn't the first time I've tried one of their corsets. Last time I found one inspired by bengali tiger skin, of all things! And this season's designs are also luscious. This luxe model sits highlighted on the mannequin at the center of the shop. The red and gold kanji print made me want to stroke the silky fabric.

And I love the almost tactile leather texture on this evening clutch. Zenith's leather bag can be held in hand or dangled over your forearm.

I wore these new pieces over a couple of my favorite simple wardrobe staples, and added some dramatic golden earrings and wicked heels. Ready for a night on the town!

Corset: NV "Kanji" (mesh)(Vintage Fair)
Purse: Zenith "Cherry Ostrich Leather Bag" (Vintage Fair)
Shirt: Whippet and Buck "Claven"
Skirt: Mon Tissu "Oxford Pencil Skirt" (mesh)
Boots: Gos "Desire" (mesh)(texture change HUD)
Earrings: Mandala "Monica Inca Gold"
Hair: booN "GGL309"
Hairbase: booN "gathered mid hairbase"
Skin: Essences "Indy" (Vintage Fair)
Lipstick: Essences "Indy Lipstick 19" (Vintage Fair)
Eyes: Ikon "Horizon"
Lashes: Glow Studio "Innocent. eyelashes - pure"
Poses: by Don't Freak Out, Flowey and Lazy Places (unavailable)


Friday, August 17, 2012


LeeZu's little ruffled jacket does a nice job dressing up this boho gown for an evening out, don't you think? I love the flexibility.  ... And the dress. Simple bandeau top, fun gathered and blousy skirt. But what made me smile was the texture-change HUD. Change the dress to twenty different textures with one little click. Some Paisley and tie-dyed like this one, some lacy, some color blocked, some geometic and sequinned. One dress, many looks.

And Hatpins is offering these sweet little jewels. Some of them are unabashedly vintage, others fit very well with what's modern. I'm still fascinated by these tiny prims, and by people who can make these beautiful little things without getting permanently crossed eyes. :D

Jacket: LeeZu "Yriin" (Vintage Fair)
Gown: Liv Glam "Marchesa Maxi Gown" (Vintage Fair)
Earrings: Hatpins "What Wrought" (Vintage Fair)
Hair: Wasabi Pills "Veronica" (Vintage Fair)
Skin: Essences "Indy" (Vintage Fair)
Lipstick: Essences "Indy Lipstick 15" (Vintage Fair)
Eyes: Ikon "Horizon"
Lashes: Glow Studio "Innocent. eyelashes - pure"
Poses: by Marukin and Stakey


Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Do me a favor, and click on the picture to see the larger version? ... I know it's dark but I think it is more dramatic for the body to be found in the near-dark. :D

Suit/Hat/Shoes: Gizza "Vintage Tuxedo" (Vintage Fair)
Skin: Essences "Moira" (Vintage Fair)
Hairbase: Aitui "Standard Hairbase 4"


Monday, August 13, 2012


I put on my Explorer hat and went over to the LEA sims to see Marcus Inkpen's installation before it packs up in a couple of days. I wasn't disappointed. The rich, atmospheric textures are something you shouldn't miss. If you aren't trying to photograph an outfit, get into the environmental settings and tinker. Wow.

The mood is not left to chance or the Lab's shadow settings, but is baked into every piece. these Escheresque reflecting spheres revolve slowly, peacefully, almost inviting you to stop, sit down, and meditate. Still photos don't really convey the feeling, so you should see it yourself.

And yes, I am featuring several gorgeous stuffs I picked up at Vintage Fair. The luscious Moira Skin, perfect for redheads. Plastik's lovingly antiqued corset. LeeZu's crinkle-textured cropped jacket, with a flamboyant flipped-up collar. And Ison brought their all-the-way-up-to-there leather platform boots.

Corset: Plastik "Daunting Fate" (mesh)(Vintage Fair)
Cropped Jacket: LeeZu "Lana" (Vintage Fair)
Boots: Ison "Carazon" (mesh)(Vintage Fair)
Pants: Silentsparrow "(Copper) Severin Suit Pants"
Hat: LeLutka "Safari Hat"
Hair: booN "KOKU99" (unrigged mesh bangs)(all colors for L$10!)
Hairbase: booN "Gathered Raised Hairbase"
Skin: Essences "Moira" (Vintage Fair)
Eyes: Ikon "Horizon"
Lashes: Glow Studio "Innocent. eyelashes - pure"
Cosmetics: Eyeliner and Lipstick by Essences (Vintage Fair)
Poses: by Frooti and Label Motion
Location: The Returning by Marcus Inkpen (LEA17)


Saturday, August 11, 2012


Solidea Folies is offering three outfits at Vintage Fair that are based on the same mesh Gown, but with varying system, flexi and sculpted attachments. This outfit is called "Sabrina" and in addition to what pieces you see here, it also includes a belt and gloves. I like the complete outfit but I dressed it down a little bit by leaving some pieces at home. The outfit felt frilly enough for me with the fabric flowers and netting. I appreciate that flexibility.

Today I wanted to show you Essences Indy skin in black. I like how it looks with the soft vintage hair; I think the texture looks like something a black woman might get with a relaxer and pomade. These TuTy hairs are pushing the the edge of shiny-ness but I like them in the darker colors, black, browns, and there is even a nice dark red that reminded me of Jessica Rabbit :D

Gown: Solidea Folies "Sabrina" (also includes a belt and gloves)(Vintage Fair)
Hair: TuTy's "Diva"(Vintage Fair)
Skin: Essences "Indy Black" (Vintage Fair)
Eyes: Ikon "Horizon"
Lashes: Glow Studio "Innocent. eyelashes - pure"
Poses: by oOo Studio (Vintage Fair)
Location: Bayjou Theater in Bay City



I'm ready to step out for some weekend fun. Just a short hop on plane, train or automobile. My overnight bag is packed, and my clothes are stylish but comfortable enough. Daring jacket, capris. and sexy red-hot shoes.

Purple Moon's delish new leather jacket is bound to be a big crowd pleaser. I had a hard time deciding which color combination to show you because they are all so tempting. Trust me, I drooled all over the brown and teal version of the jacket. :D

I never had heard of TuTy's hair before, but this shop is offering several truly vintage styles. I am impressed with how much I like this hair, even though it bends several of my usual rules. the hair is very shiny, but I think it reproduces beautifully the pomaded and controlled styles of the early twentieth century. This wig is intended to reproduce a 1940's style but I think it would also work well with black skins, because if you look closely it shows a bit of frizz as if it has been treated with a relaxer. Maybe I'll blog this look next.

Jacket: Purple Moon "Taylor Leather" (mesh)(Vintage Fair)
Shirt: Whippet and Buck "Diane"
Pants: Lush Limited "Rose Pants" (mesh)(Vintage Fair)
Shoes: SLink "Vintage 2-Strap Pumps" (mesh)(Vintage Fair)
Glasses: Artilleri "Meredith" (Vintage Fair)
Bag: Status "Travel Bag" (pose prop)(Vintage Fair)
Hair: TuTy's "Romantic" (includes hair base)(Vintage Fair)
Feet: SLink "Women's Medium Height Bare Feet" (mesh)(Vintage Fair)
Skin: Essences "Indy Pale" (Vintage Fair)
Eyes: Ikon "Horizon"
Lashes: Glow Studio "Innocent. eyelashes - pure"
Eyeliner: Don't Freak Out "faux twiggy lashes"
Poses: by Status (pose set with bag prop)(Vintage Fair)


Friday, August 10, 2012


The Vintage Fair isn't only serving up fashions from your great-grandparents' era. I thought I'd like to show you something more recent. Many of the designers are focusing on the 1970s and 1980s.

This outfit is a bit hybrid. The Ziggy cosmetics by BlackLiquid are a obvious reference to David Bowie's "Ziggy Stardust" rockstar persona in the 1970s. You can wear the eye and face makeup without the glossy lipstick if you would prefer.

The rest is pretty clearly 80s hair band rocker :P  ... So I trotted out my guitar. Kumaki isn't just making eyewear anymore. And I rooted around in my closet for the biggest, wildest wig I have.

I bought these fab Pixel Mode boots a while ago, but I had a tough time finding something shiny enough to wear them with. Izzie's glam metallic leggings are rockstars!

Shirt and Belt: Lush Limited "Benatar Stripes" (Vintage Fair)
Leggings: Izzie's "Metallic Leggings" (Vintage Fair)
Boots: Pixel Mode "Kasi Pearl"
Guitar: Kumaki "K_gs MTG"
Headband: Izzie's "80's Headband" (Vintage Fair)
Bangles: Izzie's "80's Rainbow Bangles" (Vintage Fair)
Hair: Amacci "Alice"
Skin: Essences "Indy" (Vintage Fair)
Makeup: blackLiquid "Ziggy" (Vintage Fair)
Eyes: Ikon "Horizon"


Saturday, August 4, 2012


Girl on a budget sits in a worn booth in her neighborhood diner. She works hard to look cute, spending time on her makeup and pressing her chintz dress so that it looks neat and well-cared-for even in summertime.

Even though she obviously has no money, confidence has its attraction. Confidence she has in spades.

Vintage Fair starts today! Are you ready?

Dress: CIA Designs "Vintage Dress" (Vintage Fair)
(The dress is not textured on the inside, if that kind of thing bothers you)
Shoes: Bliensen and Maitai "Shimmy Sha-wobble" (Vintage Fair)
Hat/Hair: Millinery Shoppe "Summer Roses Straw Cloche" (Vintage Fair)
Skin: the Skinnery "Sophia Pin-Up" (Vintage Fair)
Makeup: the Skinnery "Flapper Makeup" (Vintage Fair)
Eyes: Ikon "Horizon"
Lashes: Glow Studio "Innocent. eyelashes - pure"


Thursday, August 2, 2012


Ready for a glamorous night on the town? Loovus Dzevavor will have three new glam gowns at Vintage Fair. Fabulous, metallic, clingy in golds, silvers and coppers.

Eclectica's antique art nouveau jewels are lovely, elaborate and come with a HUD that both retextures and tints the tiara, earrings, necklace, bracelet and rings. Adore!

And I just had to photograph this classic car parked in the Monarch shop, suitable for Hepburn or Bacall. But they also have vintage military vehicles, limousines, taxis, even an old curtained hearse. Stop by for a visit!

Gown: Loovus Dzevavor "Novo Vestito" (mesh)(Vintage Fair)
Puff Sleeves: Bliss Couture "Puff Gloves" (Vintage Fair)(I cheated and wore only the puffs)
Jewels: Eclectica "Nouveau Leaves" (Vintage Fair)(texture/tint/shine HUD)
Hair: booN "DARE82"
Skin: Mother Goose "Dirty Dolly" (chosen for the pencilled eyebrows)
Eyes: Ikon "Horizon"
Shadow: Cheap Makeup "Zeitgeist Eye Makeup"
Lipstick: Redbird "Candied Lips Apple"
Poses: by oOo Studio (Vintage Fair)
Car: by Monarch
Location: Vintage Fair ... opens August 4th