Friday, April 27, 2012


I was an angel before I decided to experience mortality. Someday I will go back wiser.

But while I am here I will be wounded just like everyone else.

Gown: Bare Rose "White Dove"
Undershirt: Sur "Lace Shirt" (unavailable)
Wings: Material Squirrel "Ezriel Angel Wings"
Bandaged Arrow: Rustica "Mesh Knee Arrow" (gift at Fantasy Faire)
Tears: Node "Tears 01" (scalable mesh with animated tears)
Hair: Lamb "Oleander"
Skin: Kooqla "Ojen"
Eyes: Ikon "Sunrise"
Pose: by Frooti


Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Little Wednesday Addams has grown up. But you know her style is still ... unusual. She fell in love with this menacing necklace she found at the Tekeli-Li booth at the Fantasy Faire. It's quite a statement necklace, but what is it saying?

And the Identity corset is a lot like Wednesday; it looks soft on the outside, but has to be strong on the inside. The little ruffle around the bottom softens the severe black. (It looks really sexy in the back too. You should go try it on.)

Necklace: Tekeli-Li "Drowned" (mesh)(texture change)(at Fantasy Faire)
Corset: Identity "My Lovely Corset" (mesh)
Lace Bodysuit: Boudoir "Lace Jumpsuit" (opaque undershirt underneath)
Skirt: Mon Tissu "Oxford Pencil Skirt (mesh)
Boots: Lassitude and Ennui "Imogene Ankle Boots" (texture change)
Hair: booN "KED937"
Hairbases: by booN and Tiny Bird
Skin: Kooqla "Ojen"
Lipstick: Kooqla "O - lips05"
Eyes: Ikon "Sunrise"
Lashes: Hebenon Vial "Dramatique"
Poses: by Long Awkward Pose


Monday, April 23, 2012


While you visit Fantasy Faire, I hope you take some time to stop at the Rustica display. A quick trip with the teleporter thingy up to visit the SkyMoon. It isn't really fair to call it a skybox. The sphere looks like the moon from the outside, but inside it's your own slice of country. Resize and arrange the mesh mountains and boulders yourself, and use the controller to customise the sky and land textures for different times and seasons. A still photo can't convey how beautiful it is because the sky and water are animated. Go see!


Sunday, April 22, 2012


The Commander watches the horizon for the ships. Today or tomorrow she will be leading a few thousand drow warriors to the assault of Cairon Moran, a city of Men. She will not lead from the rear like the little Lord she is going to destroy.

But at the moment, she is enjoying the last few quiet days.

This lovely dark skin set (including four makeups and two sets of eyes), and the suit of armor are charity benefit items at Fantasy Faire 2012. (I am wearing the men's version of the armor because, really, what idiot goes to war in a bikini?)

Armor and Sword: Bare Rose "Ruby Armor RFL" (special color for RFL)
Skin: Mirror's Enigma "Kaldreia Black Ebony" (charity benefit item)
Eyes: Mirror's Enigma "Cursed Elemental" (charity benefit item)
Earrings: Zaara "Tarika Claw Earrings"
Ears: MW Ilweran "Elf/Faun Ears"
Hair: booN "ZGO223"
Lashes: Hebenon Vial "Dramatique"
Poses: by Frooti
Location: Tekeli-Li


Saturday, April 21, 2012


I put on a reasonably low-prim and low-mesh outfit before popping over to visit Pose Fair, Starting with this eye-candy hat from Deco. From there I had to dress classy and vintage.

And a few of the animations I found? These three are from Flowey, Olive Juice and Long Awkward Pose.

... And these two from Frooti and Label Motion. Pose Fair is loaded with loads of chocolatey animation goodness, photography poses, active animations, dancing, pose props and photography sets of all sorts. A must see!

Hat: Deco "Press Fedora"
Jacket: Mon Tissu "Rockaby Blazer"
Shirt: Whippet and Buck "Diane Crochet-Collar Top"
Pants: Rebel Extravaganza "Wool Leggings"
Boots: Lassitude and Ennui "Wanderlust"
Hairbase: booN "Gathered Lower Hairbase"
Hair: YS&YS "Big Chignon Black"
Skin: Kooqla "Ojen"
Eyes: Ikon "Sunrise"
Lashes: Glow Studio "Innocent. eyelashes - pure"


Friday, April 13, 2012


Rocketta Haven at Kooqla has released the new Ojen set of skins, all lovely and unique. Ojen is available in three different tones; the other two are more tanned and perhaps you might look at them when you are in the mood for something more summery. I am showing the palest tone called 'Angel'. The body is feminine, with a soft matte look.

Each skin tone is available in eight makeups, with dark or light eyebrows, and with or without teeth showing. Ojen's face is softer and rounder than Rocketta's previous releases, with simply luscious lips. The faces are creative. For instance, if you click on the photo above to look at the larger version, the face at the bottom right is translucent, with faint veins visible beneath the eyes. Wow.

You can find a face appropriate for any event from the spring debutante ball to a gothy nightclub.

If you would like to increase your options, there are also eight coordinating lipsticks on tattoo layers. Each lipstick available with or without teeth showing.

Skin/Lipsticks: Kooqla "Ojen - Angel"
Hair: Lamb "Isolation"
Eyes: Ikon "Sunrise"
Lashes: Glow Studio "Innocent. eyelashes"
Bodysuit: MichaMi "Carmela" (unavailable)
Jewels: Kunstkammer "Black Forest" (unavailable)
Poses: by Penny Dreadful Arcade


Monday, April 9, 2012


Resting ...

Ascending ...


Outfit: Contraption "The Priestess" (hunt prize)
Necklace: Favole "Sacred"
Hair: Exile "Take It Off"
Skin: Amacci "Liane (Metallic)" (hunt prize unavailable)
Eyes: Contraption "Static Vision" (animated texture)
Eyelids/Lashes: SLink "Mesh Eyelids" (all mesh lids/lashes, tintable)
Poses: by Lazy Places (unavailable) and Long Awkward Pose


Monday, April 2, 2012


Every year there is an indeterminate time between winter and spring. My crocuses stick their heads out, lulled by a few sunny days, and make me happy for a day or two.

Then, wham! A little snow freezes them.

Better luck with the Muscari and Irises.

Dress: Aoharu "Leather Dress with Knit" (mesh)
Leggings: KatatOnik "White Leggings" (swiped from another outfit)
Necklace: Kunglers Extra "Orchidea" (also includes earrings)
Boots: Lassitude and Ennui "Selene" (mesh)
Hair: "Apple II"
Skin: Kooqla "Secret Garden"
Eyes: Ikon "Sunrise"
Lashes: Hebenon Vial "Dramatique"
Poses: by Don't Freak Out and Long Awkward Pose