Tuesday, August 23, 2011


*rubs hands together gleefully*


Monday, August 22, 2011


See what I spotted when I was out and about? I'm really loving the theme. Here's looking forward to September!


Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I'm inspired to go dark, dark, dark by the fabulous Glam Affair skin from the Platinum Hunt. I put together a quick Urban look with menswear from the Make Him Over Hunt. In particular I had a good laugh trying on the pants on my male avatar ... it comes with a sculpted "bulge" that is a little TOO anatomically correct. (Hell no I'm not modeling that thing LOL.)

Dusted off some yummy brown Hoorenbeek boots from my closet. You know how there are some things you buy that you still love a year later? Like that.

Jewels and nails, feminine and dangerous ...

... Okay one more, to give you a better look at the new cat's eyes from Poetic Colors. As well as several beautiful colors of irises, They come with light or dark eyewhites, and prim eye reflections. Just lovely.

Jacket: Mortality "Assassin Jacket" (MHOH6 Hunt Prize)
Shirt: Coded "Casual Male Sweater" (MHOH6 Hunt Prize)
Pants: Zipper "Classic Corduroy - Brown" (MHOH6 Hunt Prize)
Ring/Nails: Mandala "Milky Way Ring and Nails"
Necklace: Naith Smit "Rock 'n Rolla Pearl Necklace"
Boots: Hoorenbeek "Alberta Boots"
Skin: Glam Affair "Amelie Black Soul" (Platinum Hunt L$10)
Hair: Exile "Buffy" (Platinum Hunt L$10)
Horns: Illusions "Bite"
Ears: Trap "Beastie Drow Elfs"
Eyes: Poetic Color "cat-coal"


Sunday, August 14, 2011


I'm gonna bag me a monster tonight.

I've been hangin' out in the cemetery all afternoon. But its getting close now.

With a fresh grave ready, there ought to be something bad stirring around.

But I sure hate the last half hour of waiting.

Just for laughs, today I am modeling a bare chested rockstar-wannabe vamp hunter. I laugh now, but I remember when I was a kid I was scared of things like vampires from watching the movies. But the monster hunters looked pretty stupid to me. Why didn't they just leave some donated IV bloodbags for the vampires? Why didn't they weld on steel collars that keep the vampire from biting their necks? Why did the women in these movies always trip over something when they were running away? Why do all the victims have to be so darn stupid all the time?!?

This outfit is mostly courtesy of the Make Him Over Hunt which is running through August 20. For more information, including a Teleport List and pictures of some of the Hunt Prizes, you may visit their website or join their inworld group. At the starting point you can also pick up a hint list.

Outfit: N1Co "VIC armor" (MHOH6 Hunt Prize)
Boots: Deco "Mud Boots" (not a hunt prize)
Glasses: Air "Stella" (MHOH6 Hunt Prize)
Hairbase: JOMO "etched hair 08a" (MHOH6 Hunt Prize)
Skin: Prodigal "Ale_MHOH6_special_bald" (MHOH6 Hunt Prize)
Dagger: Harbinger and Stormie "Dagger of Faith" (with combat HUD, not a hunt prize)
Poses: by Long Awkward Pose
Location: Transylvania


Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Not all of the students at Hogwarts are good looking. Not all of us are Quidditch players. Some of us are shy. Some of us have second-hand togs. Some of us don't have a date for the Yule Ball.

Ravenclaw students are often the "nerds" of the wizard world. Smart or not, a lot of us don't really come into our own until after we have left school.

Have you seen my quill?

This is one bandwagon on which I am pleased to jump. There are plenty of Pottermaniacs hidden in closets around the metaverse, and with the rest of them I am looking forward to finding out if the rumour is true ... will there finally be a beautifully well-constructed Hogwarts in Second Life? I can't wait!! *swoons*

Sweater: Digital Girl Design “Ravenclaw Sweater”
Shirt: Schadenfreude “White Oxford”
Tie: Schadenfreude “You-Know-Who Necktie”
Skirt: TokiDoki “Le Frills Skirt” (tinted)
Shoes/Socks: Fashionably Dead “Tap Shoes”
Feather: Passion Moments “Feather”
Wand: Wicked Workshop “Gentleman’s Wand”
House Badge: Grackles Outfitters “Hogwarts House Patch” (free, texture change)
Glasses: Intrigue “Looney Specks”
Bag: Edelweiss “School Bag” (includes six poses)
Hair: Lelutka “Knotted Hair” (with hairbase)
Skin: Mother Goose’s “Yvonne Freckle” (dollarbie)


Monday, August 8, 2011


They're not even here to feed me or strike a bargain. They will pay for that.

I charged about the island, looking for the foolish witch or necromancer who summoned me.

Darkness and the remnants of bloody rituals everywhere. The smell is making me so hungry ...

Ahh, THERE you are.

Really you should click on this last photo and take a good look. the lavalike white heat, rows of teeth, and the mucus and drool hanging from the roof of my mouth are impressive. And the last thing you will ever see!

Every now and again I just have to visit Grendel's Children to see the non-human avatars. If you have never visited, Grendel's has a huge store in the sky, and four ground-level sims for roleplay below. If you would like to be a dragon, a steampunk spider, or a cyber replicant, Grendel's has many inespensive avatars that are usually modifiable if you like to customise. The Insanity Demon Avatar that I am wearing includes a HUD that lets me fight, breathe flame, growl ... worth many return visits.

The Realm of Black Thorn Adult-themed Roleplay area on the Sharkbite Sim is a nice build. In the landing area, read the rules notecard, and if you decide to walk into the "adult" roleplay area, you enter at your own risk. Bwahaha.


Friday, August 5, 2011


I arrived at Horizon Dream at sunset, relieved by the cool of the coming darkness.

August just isn't my favorite month.

But cool twilight is the perfect time to go for a walk.

Shirt: League "Broderie Anglais Blouse"
Skirt: MNK*Shop Nikukyu "Chiffon_dot miniskirt"
Shoes: Gos "Espadrilles"
Hair: Truth "Zaria"
Skin: Curio ":GP: Moonbeam [Light] Pout-Melancholy"
Eyes: Fashism "Sunrise"
Eyelashes: Glow Studio "Innocent.eyelashes - pure"
Eyeshadow: Natural Beauty "makeup 20"
Poses: by Long Awkward Pose
Location: Horizon Dream