Monday, April 30, 2018



ANA and Trap "Nova Helm" (three colors and tinting HUD)(available at Fantasy Faire)
Ears: Schadenfreude "Fey Ears with Spiral Horns (texture-change HUD)
Head: Catwa "Catya"


Friday, April 27, 2018


Violetta Closeup

Even a dragon queen needs to relax once in a while. I think some old shorts and running amok in bare feet are just the ticket. If you haven't heard, Fantasy Faire has been extended an extra week, all the way through May 7. You have been granted more time to dance, sing, hunt, and make merry fools of yourselves.

Violetta Medium

Don't waste your opportunities.

Violetta Full

Shirt: Ane "Vintage Blouse" (w/ texture-change HUD)
Shorts: Tres Blah "Denim Bermuda Shorts" (standard sizes only)
Shoes: yeah right i don't think so
Hair: Lamb "Sweet" (seriously the braiding on the back is yummy but I didn't get a pic so go try it)
Head: Catwa "Catya"
Ears: Swallow "Noldor Elf Ears" (w/ texture change HUD)
Eyes: Izzie's "Demon Mesh Eyes"
Legs: Ghoul "Otohime Legs" (Fantasy Faire RFL charity item)
Skin: Plastik "Gilded Fae FF Low Lag Avatar" (Fantasy Faire Gift)
Body/Hands: by Maitreya
Poses: by Long Awkward Pose and Don't Freak Out (unavailable)


Sunday, April 22, 2018


Rumpus Medium

One of the most fun parts of Fantasy Faire is the people-watching.  Yesterday I walked past a dragon. Later I saw a satyr, a demon, and something else I couldn't identify dancing together around a fire. Let the wild rumpus begin!

Rumpus Closeup

And they have all kinds of rumpus! Music, theater, and a quest for those of you who are too goals-oriented to sit around listening to someone sing or read aloud. Head on over there for fun and drop a few dollars for charity!

Rumpus Full

Trap "Cepheus Horns" (Fantasy Faire charity benefit item)
Trap and Asphalt "Concrete Riven Wings" (Fantasy Faire charity benefit item)
Gauze and Trap "Faun Legs" (w/ texture-change HUD)(includes tail)(available at Fantasy Faire)
Skin: Plastik "Gilded Fae FF Low Lag Avatar" (Fantasy Faire gift)

Fateplay "Surie Armor" (tinted)
Blueberry and SLink "Panties" (these came with the SLink Physique body but they're nice!)
Hair: Tableau Vivant "Foxtrot"
Lassitude and Ennui "Leaf Circlet"
Head: Catwa "Catya"
Body/Hands: by SLink
Eyes: Izzie's "Demon Mesh Eyes"



Fairest Medium

I had such great fun today at the Fantasy Faire!! You absolutely must not miss it. The builds are really stunning. I say that every time I go ... but just when I think they couldn't possible do anything better, they completely surpass themselves. So much to see, do, and of course buy (all for a good cause of course).

Fairest Closeup

Believe it or not this lovely fantasy skin is a gift from Plastik. If it is crowded when you go, you can wear it without hair, shoes or gadgets as a low-lag avatar; with covering for your naughty bits built in. It includes old-school system skins, and a bunch of appliers. (Oh yes there is also a skin set for Men.)

Fairest Full

Skin: Plastik "Gilded Fae FF Low Lag Avatar" (Fantasy Faire gift)
Horns: Plastik "Seseth Horn" (texture change HUD)(available at Faire)
Wings: The Forge "Wrought Iron Angel" (available at Faire)
Belt: The Forge "Gatekeeper's Belt" (charity item at Faire)

Hair: Little Bones "Relay" (texture change HUD)
Bustier: Pure Poison "Celtic Armor"
Skirt: Jeune by Rowne "Riley"
Collar: The Forge "Eldar Collar"
Boots: Schadenfreude "Grav"
Eyes: Song "Placebo"
Body/Hands/Feet: by Slink
Head: Catwa "Catya"