Thursday, January 31, 2013


Well, maybe it's Casual Day with a side order of Nostalgia. When I was a kid, Grampa had a Rolleiflex camera so I had to have this fun Auxiliary baggity sweatshirt. Once I put that on, I had to put on some other vintage wear.

Perfect cateye glasses from Artilleri with gorgy little silver detailing ...

I've had these plaid pants for a month or two, they were free over in Sakide's lucky chair, but well-made mesh, and the plaid lines up beautifully without ugly seams. You know how hard it is to make good plaid pants don't you? And Fashionably Dead's two-tone shoes. To die for!!

Sweatshirt: Auxiliary "Printed Sweatshirt"
Pants: Sakide "Slim Plaid Jeans Cuffed" (lucky chair)
Glasses: Artilleri "Meredith"
Shoes: Fashionably Dead "Pretty Lady"
Hair: Exile "Stay the Night"
Skin: Illusory "Love Caramel"
Eyes: Ikon "Horizon"
Lashes: Lelutka "Photoshoot II"
Poses: by !Bang and Del May


Monday, January 28, 2013


Striding down the walkway. Pause with wide stance, weight shifted to ball of right foot. Here comes the Smolder.  ... *sizzle*

Yes, Mister Hart over at PXL Creations has released another group gift skin and of course she is lovely!! I'm fully enjoying her juicy mascara dripping drama. I did add just a little sparkly eyeshadow. A couple of necklaces from U&R Dogs and Naith Smit, over some delicious twinkling formal wear. Topped by a perfect little feathered hat.

Ta-da!! *giggle*

Hat: Celoe "Mademoiselle Hat" (Christmas Gift)
Necklace: Naith Smit "Rock'n'Rolla Pearl Necklace"
Necklace: U&R Dogs "Xerxes Necklace"
Collar: Milk Motion "White Ruff" (probably Unavailable?)
Jacket/Dress: Coco "Tuxedo Jacket with Sequin Dress" (group gift)
Leggings: Onyx Wear "Mish White Chaos"
Shoes: Kookie "Athena"
Hair: Exile "Like Lovers Do"
Skin: PXL Creations "Sophia PA Decadence Skin" (VIP group gift)
Eyes: Ikon "Horizon"
Lashes: LeLutka "Photoshoot II"
Shadow: Kooqla "Chameleon Nefrit"
Poses: by Del May


Sunday, January 27, 2013


This month in the United States, women serving in the military have finally been offered the option to sign up for combat service. Its seems a dubious privilege, but I am glad that women now have the right to choose their own path in service, rather than having it dictated to them. But I suspect like most other decisions in the Capitol, the devil will be in the details. We'll see.

I realize that what I am wearing is not standard uniform for any army that ever existed, but it has the flavor. Most of the outfit was made by Gutterblood Spoonhammer over at Deco. These pieces are designed to be undemanding of sim resources, since they are good for roleplay. Many roleplay sims are laggy with scripted weapons and combat meter HUDs, so low script clothes are fab. I did put underneath some new cargo capris that were a recent release at Miel. These work well because they are the right length to wear with the boots. You can also wear them in camo.

Hat/Hair: Deco "Hers Fatigue Cap" (texture change several colors)
Jacket/Vest: Deco "Peacemaker Duster"
Pants: Miel "Cargo Pants Army" (texture change to solid or camo)
Gloves: Deco "Pilot Gloves"
Boots: Deco "Mud Boots"
Skin: Essences "Wednesday Dark" ( @The Dressing Room Fusion)
(caveat: I noticed a little seam on the left leg texture, but hey, it's only L$70!)
Eyes: Ikon "Horizon"
Lashes: LeLutka "Photoshoot II"
Poses: by Del May and Marukin


Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Some days I am waiting for Inspiration to come back and bite me on the butt. So while I wait, I put on something comfy, and hang around with my horsies.

And wait for ideas ...

This is an odd camera angle but I wanted to show you the back of this hairstyle. From the front it looks like a simple little updo, but Analog Dog really tickled my fancy with these little bobby-pinned curls in the back! Oh and I should probably mention that this 'do is free, with several other cute wigs. Go find the "Freeball" ladies! I'll bet while you are there something else will catch your eye.

Sweater: Tulip "Oversized Cardigan"
Shirt: Whippet and Buck "Maddy Lace-Inset Top"
Leggings: Rebel X "Leggings Wool" (unavailable)
Glasses: Slug "Clubmaster Shades - Wood"
Boots: Slink "Vanity Boots"
Hair: Analog Dog "Ladonna Nutmeg" (free gift)
Skin: Curio ":GP: Petal [Dark] Party Girl - Cured 2"
Eyes: Ikon "Horizon"
Lashes: Lelutka "Photoshoot II"
Lamp: by D-Lab
Poses: by !Bang and Long Awkward Pose (unavailable)


Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I'm really excited today 'cause I visited this new event called "Genre" which will feature each month a different genre of shopping, and this month's premiere edition is on the Fantasy genre! I love costume, whether it is Fantasy, Science Fiction, Steampunk, Kawaii-Cutie, I love them all!

I picked up this lovely Analog Dog hair over at Genre. It's nice to see this classic brand making mesh. What's unusual is that the main hair is rigged mesh, but it also includes an optional flexi attachment for any of you who miss having hair that moves a little when you do.

And I wanted to test drive a set of these eyes from Dead Apples. I suppose they work best as fantasy eyes. At first glance I thought they looked like Undead eyes, but on a second look I decided they were too clean-looking for that. I think they look stunning with this luminous skin from Belleza, a beauty from last Fifty Linden Friday. :D

Dress: Wertina "Ancient Dress" (@the Outlet Sales Room)
Wings: Fancy Fairy "Lilt Scripted Wings in Portobello" (chat commands no HUD)
Hair: Analog Dog "Wound Up" (@Genre)
Skin: Belleza "Purple Flash Skin" (last week's 50L Friday)
Eyes: Dead Apples "Nebula - Soulless"
Lashes: Lelutka "Photoshoot II"
Poses: by Label Motion


Sunday, January 20, 2013


Layers and layers of texture, paisley over metallic sheen over tactile tweeds and tartan. I'm loving it!

Yes, I decided that this January is the month of Curio after her skins were unavailable for so long. I love Gala's skins, ESPECIALLY the ones with very little makeup. A real beauty looks amazing even straight out of bed with messy hair, right?

Oh and of course I bought WAAAY too many of the Secret Store's purses at the last Arcade Gacha. Hello, my name is Serene, and I am a Gachaholic ...

Jacket: Ricelli "Muriel"
Scarf: Apple May Designs "Boho Scarf Lilac"
Shirt: Whippet and Buck "Claven Lace Blouse"
Pants: Boom "Norfolk Tweeds"
Purse: The Secret Store "Tiny Satchels" (gacha)
Shoes: G Field "Figure Pumps Tartan Brown"
Hair: Maitreya "Natalie"
Skin: Curio ":GP: Acorn [Dark] Party Girl - Bubbly 2"
Eyes: Ikon "Horizon"
Lashes: Lelutka "Photoshoot II"
Poses: by Penny Dreadful Arcade


Thursday, January 17, 2013


It is fun to notice the symbolism of your dreams, but sometimes a train is just a train. Now your nightmares, on the other hand, have a lot to teach.

It usually starts gently, and goes wrong from there. It's easy enough to climb aboard a rusty old train, just out of curiosity.

A lot of nightmares and horror movies are rooted in our fear that we are becoming mechanized, becoming cogs in some machine and later realizing that the machine serves some evil purpose. At first it seems just brilliant, we get caught up in all our own cleverness, and then it all goes off the rails. (Ever see "The Tommyknockers" based on Stephen King?)

The train goes faster and faster but I need to run and run to keep up or I will fall off ... (I know that seems wrong but dreams have their own rules)

I couldn't run fast enough and my heart is pounding insanely as I tumble back into the waiting wheat.

We are terrified of being mechanized, but I am convinced that in the future, people will be far more terrified of Nature. I think our grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be far too comfortable with the idea of interfacing with machines. Is resistance futile?

Jacket: Valentina E. "Bloused Sleeve Jacket" (new at Fameshed)
Boots: Lassitude and Ennui "Lazy Boots" (new at L'Accessoires)
Corset: NV "Tan Verne Mesh Corset" (new-ish)
Glasses: Deco "Mesh Atomic Sunglasses" (texture change lenses)
Earrings: Bliensen and Maitai "Industrial Revolution"
Ring: Earthstones "Kameron Ring"
Watch: DCCXXIII "W19 Watch" (inavailable)
Hat: To A T "Gents Steampunk Regency Top Hat" (unavailable)
Undershirt: Boudoir "Lace Bodice"
Pants: Pink Outfitters "The Editor Pant"
Socks: Schadenfreude "Leith Spat Socks" (tinted)(comes with boots)
Violin: Bang "Strolling Violin" Pose Prop (with built in pose)
Hair: Exile "Stay the Night"
Skin: Curio ":GP: Acorn [Dark] Party Girl - Bubbly 2"
Poses: by Bang, Frooti and HelaMiyo
Location: The Far Away by AM Radio


Thursday, January 10, 2013


Just a sweet little conservative outfit, midnight blue, somewhere between chic and business appropriate. I don't wear dark blue much, but it's a good choice for the office.

Some interesting textures: the dark skirt has paisley panels in front and back. I wanted more detail, so I layered in some floral textured stockings.

Jacket: Apple May "Trendy Trench - Blue"
Skirt: DCNY "Denim Pencil Skirt Dark Paisley" (Together for Sway)
Undershirt: Nemesis "Friendship Bodysuit" (old)
Stockings: Grasp "Stocking lace/black"
Shoes: Gos "Platform Pumps"
Jewelry: Addiction "Guardian" (caveat: full bright/no modify)
Hair: Truth "Sassy 2" and Tiny Bird "Blacks Pack Hair Base" (unavailable)
Skin: Curio ":GP: Moonbeam Frex [Dark] Party Girl"
Eyes: Ikon "Horizon"
Eyeshadow: Dead Apples "Ose Blue"
Lashes: Glow Studio "Innocent. eyelashes - pure"
Poses: by Cheerno and Marukin


Sunday, January 6, 2013


I thought Boho Hobo's Bohemian sweater and the ethnic textiles draped over this gacha chair from Zigana were just a match made in heaven. It seems like every year, during the coldest, most miserable part of winter, I start to crave lots of color. Here it is Ladies! Glorious Color!

BoHo HoBo's hippie chic clothing is now becoming available in mesh. All proceeds from BoHo HoBo (and Meena its sister store) go to RAWA to fund orphanages, clinics, schools and income generating projects for war refugees in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Support your international Sistahs!

Sweater/Shirt: Boho Hobo "Peace on Earth Cardigan" (mesh)(hunt prize)
Pants: Maitreya "Sipper Skinny Jeans" (mesh)
Earrings: Maxi Gossamer "Baroque Teardrop" (texture change mesh)
Shoes: Chandelle "Zoey" (mesh)(L$5 Promotion)
Hair: booN "LCA518" with hairbase
Skin: Curio ":GP: Bean [Dark] Party Girl-Cured2" (yay Gala is Back!)
Eyes: Ikon "Horizon"
Lashes: Glow Studio "Innocent. eyelashes - pure"
Chair: Zigana "Lazy Sunday" Boho Chair (gacha)(includes poses)