Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Doth the Fay
Have aught to say?
Not today.

The water flies
and swishes by

buckles tight
and garments white
reflect nights light

Fairy fair
with silver hair
suddenly ...
not there!

Coat: Aoharu “FurCoat_G2_WhiteFur”
Skirt and Collar: RunoRuno “Undress Evening”
Shirt: Pig “Anarchist Slumber Party” (hunt prize)
Boots: Surf Couture “Elsa Boots”
Hair: Lamb “Whoop De Doo”
Skin: Curio “:GP: Moonbeam [Light] Elf-Happy Holidays” (gift)
Eyes: Poetic Color “Night Rain”
Location: Eiliach Eilid


Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I like to dress comfortably to run around for my last minute shopping. But finally I just have to stop and breathe ... and look at something beautiful. This year while I was running around I stumbled across a fabulous group of holiday displays over at the Happy Mood sim. Made my day.

My last post I showed the Curio Christmas Gift Skin but I wanted you to see my favorite. This is more lipgloss than I usually wear :) but now I imagine my lips taste like one of those cherry roll on glosses *mmm* ... And yes honey that is Mistletoe.

Okay just one more headshot so you can see the elaborate braids. This hair comes with two versions in one package. The other hair takes one of the big braids down and loops it around the front of your neck. That version is also very pretty but I had a hard time getting a good picture because it didn't look right with my animations.

Okay a candid of me staring at the Christmas tree and falling snow. Can I just stand here a while and meditate?

I love snowglobes. Haven't you ever wished that you could go inside the tiny world of a snowglobe? Now you can! And I only showed you one so the others would still be a surprise. Ho Ho Ho.

Mistletoe: Evie’s Closet “Mistletoe Garland”
Shirt/Sweater: COCO “Frilly Blouse & Sweater”
Pants: Hilarious “Light Jasper Cuff Jeans”
Boots: Surf Couture “Elsa Boots”
Hair: Irollic “Mew”
Skin: Curio “:GP: Bean [Light] Elf-Snug 2”
Eyes: Poetic Color “Night Rain”
Poses: Animazoo and Long Awkward Pose
Location: Dreaming Night at Happy Mood


Sunday, December 20, 2009


In better times I would never have walked into this part of town to look for work. Today I am more pragmatic. *laughs* Time to swallow my pride. The opera isn't hiring, and I have bills to pay.

The acoustics on this stage are poor but I'll have to show them that I can carry a show. Mama always said Honey, never let them see your nerves.

Now this part is easy. From this spot I can seduce the whole room with a song. Where's the piano man?

The audition was long, the manager demanding and full of innuendo, and I am going home late. But my lipstick is not smeared. The seams of my stockings are perfectly straight, and this coat cleaned up well. He gave me the job cause he thinks I am classy but not too classy to give him the time. He'll find out his mistake later.

Time for this songbird to fly away out of trouble. This part of town is dodgy at night.

Coat and Hat/Hair: Donna Flora “Bunny” (outfit also includes lacy bloomers)
Skirt: Ivalde “Freydis” (part of dress)
Boots: Shiny Things “Button Boots” (wine)
Stockings: Insolence “Kiss Me” Dark Grey Seamed Stockings
Eyes: Poetic Color “Night Rain”
Skin: Curio “:GP: Bean [Light] Elf-Happy Holidays” (gift)
Poses: Animazoo (the piano pose is built into the Musical Alchemy Piano)
Location: Flashman’s 1920’s Bawdy House


Saturday, December 12, 2009


Waiting for my honey at the turnstile ... it's raining outside or I'd rather walk.

Here he comes ...

If we hurry we don't have to miss the next train.

Jacket: Aoharu “Short Riders Jacket”
Shirt: Fox in the Snow “Glass Apple Tree Tee”
Leggings: Thimbles “Lucy is a Big Girl”
Glasses: Miel “Bella Peepers”
Shoes: House of Curios “Sneaker Wedges” (texture change)
Hair: Cake “Dakota”
Skin: L.Fauna “Lapine Tan 2” (50L Friday)
Eyes: Poetic Color “Night Rain”
Poses: Long Awkward Pose
Location: Trilogy Rainytown


p.s. Trilogy Rainytown's new "Woodcutter's Daughter" installation is cute for a little photography as well as good shopping. I bought the t-shirt at the Fox in the Snow shoppe because it intrigued me in a fairytale kind of way. The front of the T shows an apple hanging on a tree but the back shows the branches holding a broken mirror in a Snow White and Evil Queen kinda way. An odd fashion choice for an urban girl? I don't care. Even in the city we hope for happy endings. :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I went for another tramp through Spellbound Woods today and as it started to get dark I headed to the top of the next hill to watch the sun set. I pushed through a patch of tangled branches to get to the top and stopped to catch my breath. It's colder than I thought. Maybe I should have worn a coat.

But it's so beautiful, maybe I'll just sit here a while.

Scarf: anuenue “mufbon(B-turquoise)” (gacha)
Sweater: Ducknipple “Zonar Blue Hoodie”
Pants: Royal Blue “Zip Up Leggins 2” (50L Friday)
Boots: Kookie “Pomski Boots” (includes three colors of fur trim)
Hair/Hat: Argrace “Knit Beret Loose Up”
Skin: Curio “:GP: Acorn [Dark] Lovely-High Tea 1”
Eyes: Poetic Color “Night Rain”
Location: Spellbound Woods


Saturday, December 5, 2009


snowballs and sleighbells and
thick woollen sweaters

big boots and earmuffs and
mooshy loveletters

holiday spirit that lifts me like wings
these are a few of my favorite things !!

At my house, the last few days have seen a high temperature of 27 degrees fahrenheit. I wish I had these boots to tramp around in the snow.

Shirt: Plastik “TurtleDress” (gift)
Scarf: Plastik “FurryScarf-Snow” (50L Friday)
Boots: Plastik “Furboots” (chocolate)
Pants: Hilarious “Light Jasper Cuff Jeans”
Hair/Earmuffs: Deviant Kitties “Wynter” (also incl colored lights)
Eyes: Poetic Color “Night Rain”
Skin: Glance “Adrianav2” (gift)
Poses: Animazoo and Long Awkward Pose
Location: Spellbound Woods


p.s. The Creative Fantasy store spans several sims but Spellbound Woods is the Winter Sim. Almost everything is for sale: buildings, plants, trees, lamp posts that play Christmas Carols, holiday Sleighs, and so on. Great fun to explore.