Saturday, January 29, 2011


Evie’s Closet “Nimrodel Crown and Collar” is available for the Extend a Helping Hand event for Australian Flood Relief. You may purchase it at the EAHH Venue, or the jewels are available in silver and gold at Evie's home at Oubliette.

Also wearing:
Skin: Curio “:GP: Bean [Light] Elf-Snug1”
Hair: Exile “Dina” (at the Dressing Room)
Hairbase: booN “gathered lower hairbase”
Eyes: Poetic Color “summer – lavender fields”
Eyelashes: Exodi “Eyelashes” (basic set included with skin purchases)
Wunderlich’s “Renaissance EverAfter Masquerade Gown” (part of an old favorite)


Friday, January 28, 2011


With the release of Tron Legacy comes a rush of Tron homage ... starting with this premium suit from Graves. I adore it! Up close there are a couple places where the seams are just slightly misaligned, but the texture is gorgeous. (Click on the pic to see it up close. Yum.) If I had one wish, it would be a female-sized collar so my girlie self could easily wear this suit too. Graves does make a female suit, but I'd rather not buy both.

Suited up, I searhed for a Tron-themed sim, and this one is the best I found. The landing point was in a futuristic nightclub. I went outside and spotted a lightcycle racing area, and a small shopping area that sells all things Tron.

[gratuitous butt shot] oo shiny!

Suit: Graves G240 Mainframe
Skin: Ricochet “Tristan Dark”
Eyes: The Plastik “Frozen Soul – Blue”
Poses: by Long Awkward Pose
Location: at Vixens Isle


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

P. M. S.

edgy bitchy itchy nassty

achy bloaty floppy

moody crampy

ahh ... ibuprofen.

Hat: Warhead “Bitch Inside”
Shirt: Blitzed “Propaganda”
Pants, Chaps, Belt and Bags: Sey “Rider Chaps” (texture change bumbag)
Boots: Edge Grafica “Engineer Boots” (freebie)
Wristcuffs: Blitzed “Legacy Cuffs”
Hairpiece: booN “Yuri15” (made to fit under hats yay!)
Skin: BLU282 “Marilyn” (no longer available)
Facepaint: Visavi “Warpaint/Sacrifice” (tattoo layer)
Eyes: Visavi “Infectious/Cadaver”