Tuesday, October 16, 2018


Sweater Weather Closeup

A quick outfit for shopping can be fun with a few little spooky details … creepy monster eyes and a bloody face tattoo. If the tattoo says something dorky, please don't tell me OK?

Sweater Weather

Eyes: Avi-Glam "Sinister Eyes - Cursed" (the Dark Style Fair)
Tattoo: Lychee "The Heretic" (omega applier)
Makeup: AlaskaMetro "Black Magic" (Salem)
Sweater: Erratic "Laura"
Shoes: Livalle "Cambridge Oxford Creepers"
Hair: Lamb "Love"
Jeans: Maitreya (vintage unavailable)
Head/Body by Catwa and Maitreya
Pose: by Diesel Works


Sunday, October 7, 2018


Old Broom Full

Playing dress-up and trying on Halloween outfits this morning when I would rather be spending all my money at the Arcade. I can't get in!! ARGGGGH … I chuckled a little when I saw the new brooms Birdy has out at the Arcade cause they are similar to this one I already have. I like the new colors and accessories. But, the new broom hovers higher in the air, which made using my photo screen inconvenient, so I pulled the old one out of the closet. (At least I'm not trying to ride a vacuum.)

Old Broom Closeup

Makeup: alaskametro "Black Magic" appliers (available at Salem)
Shoes: Ingenue "Winifred Booties" (available at Salem)
Eyes: Song "Frost - Cherry" (at Kustom9)
Necklace: Namii and Song "Hotosume-kozu Choker" (texture-change HUD)
Hair/Hat: Magika "Sorcery" (group gift)
Shirt: Coco "Gift_ScoopNeckCropTop" (group gift)
Leggings: Pixicat "Eye.Tights"
Glasses: Artilleri "Meredith Glasses" (vintage)
Broom: Birdy "Hocus Pocus" (old gacha)
Skin: by Essences
Head and Body by Catwa and Maitreya


Tuesday, October 2, 2018


Always Ready

Mostly ready for battle. Mostly ready stance. Mostly ready for trouble. Mostly armored and protected. Don't I sound tough?

Always Ready Full

I wish. Mostly I am tired. Don't tell.

Always Ready Closeup

Dress: Lassitude and Ennui "Fiona" (coming to next We Love Roleplay)
Necklace: Schadenfreude "Nebthet Ankh Choker" (at Fallen Gods Anniversary)
Sword: EZ "Vardic Sword" (scripted)
Chainmail: The Muses "Chainmail Omega Appliers"
Boots: Lassitude and Ennui "Lictor"
Shoulder Armor: Kibitz "Crow Shoulder Pads"
Gloves: Boom "Dame Elbow Gloves" (vintage, not rigged for bento)
Hair: BooN "MMK375" and "Cornrows Hairbase"
Hair Wisps: by Sintiklia (unrigged mesh)
Eyeshadows: Izzie's "Evening Glitter"
Lipstick: Go and See "Layla" (gift)
Skin:by Plastik (previous Fantasy Faire gift)
Ears: Mandala "Steking 5"
Eyes: by Song
Head: by Catwa
Body: by Maitreya
Poses: by Marukin and Picture This


Sunday, September 30, 2018


Vintage Medium

I'm reminding myself of a librarian. Well, maybe a hot librarian, in the underworld. Who likes cats. (As friends, not to eat, silly human.)

Vintage Full

Outfit: Valentina E. "Sloane" (at Uber, with texture-change sweater)
Hair: Analog Dog "Joga"
Necklace: Nylon Outfitters "Lucky Cat Charm - Siamese"
Glasses: Reek "Junior Shades" (vintage unavailable)
Skin: Plastik (old Fantasy Faire gift)
Ears: Swallow "Noldor Elf Ears"
Horns: Lassitude and Ennui "Simply Monstrous Horns"
Legs: Ghoul "Otohime Legs"
Eyes: Izzie's "Demon Mesh Eyes"
Head: by Catwa
Body: by Maitreya
Poses: by Frooti and Marukin


Saturday, September 29, 2018


A Little Dark Medium

How many tries does it take you to get into your favorite events? I'm so excited to visit Salem and the Halloween Arcade, I can hardly stand it!!

A Little Dark Full

Sweater/Skirt/Purse: Loki "Autumn's Kiss" RARE (Lootbox Gacha)
(This outfit also includes black footie leggings, but those didn't work with the boots.)
Shoes: Livalle "Chyna Lace Platform Boot"
Hair: Lamb "Destiny" (group gift)
Makeup: Shiny Stuffs "Mai" (this HUD has lots of lovely bright colors too.)
Skin: by Essences
Head: by Catwa
Body: by Maitreya
Animation: by Adorkable


Friday, September 28, 2018


Leafy Medium

Are you ready? So far this year's fall colors are a little drab in my part of the world but we will make do. Let the pumpkins commence!

Leafy Full

I should mention that the Top and Shorts interfere with each other slightly in the back, only to be expected since they were produced by different makers.

Shirt: Bonbon "Falling Lady - Top 3" (at the Arcade Gacha)
Shorts: White River "Daytripper Shorts"
Boots: White River "Pale September Boots"
Ears: Pritty "Teddy Bear - {Ears}"
Hair: Pritty "Lelu"
Eyes: Song "Misato"
Lipstick: by Shiny Things
Skin: by Essences
Body: by Maitreya
Poses: by Juxtapose


Tuesday, September 18, 2018


Moody Full

Working too hard too long with no fun. SIGH

Moody Closeup

What to do?

Top: COCO "Blazer with Turtleneck"
Pants: Vinyl "Winehouse Tartan Skinnys"
Shoes: Phedora "Sorcha Flats"
Hair: Lamb "Fate"
Skin: by Essences
Lipstick: by Wednesday (at the Arcade Gacha)
Eyes: by Song
Ears: by Aitui
Body: by Maitreya
Head: by Catwa


Saturday, August 25, 2018


Last Ice Cream
I think this is the last time this summer I'll have time to wander around the beach with an ice cream cone, but I am SO anticipating fall and Halloween! I admit I'm ready for sweaters and hot chocolate. Still, appreciate what you have where you are, right?

Outfit: Chu-ing "Dokidoki Look. Yellow" (gacha)
Necklace: Chu-ing "Dokidoki Look. Necklace White" (gacha)
Ice Cream: Half Deer "Life is Sweet - Unicorn Rainbow" (gacha)
Hairbase/Bun: Studio Exposure "Red Carpet" (Hairbase Applier with Buns in 6 colors)
Lipstick Applier: by Alaska Metro
Skin: by Essences
Eyes: Song "Yuki"
Head: by Catwa
Body/Hands: by Maitreya
Location: Baja Norte


Tuesday, August 7, 2018


Kiwi Medium

Take a leisurely walk through the Okinawa Summer Festival! Lovely shipping, pretty sim, oriental architecture, and of course the Food Fair.

Kiwi Closeup

I liked the fruity goodies that Schadenfreude put out! I had a couple of pulls on the gacha machine for these adorable shoes, then bought the matching kiwi parasol.

Kiwi Full

Umbrella: Schadenfreude "Wagasa" (at Okinawa Summer Festival)
Shoes: Schadenfreude "Kiwi Fruits Geta" (gacha)(at Okinawa Summer Festival)
Dress: Valentina E. "Miranda Sheath Dress" (gacha)(at Pocket Gacha)
Belt: Luas "Mei Obi Pink and Green" (gacha)
Hair: D!va "Giz"
Skin: by Essences
Eyes: Song "Yuki"
Ears/Earrings: Swallow "Princess Ears" (w/ texture change HUD)
Lipstick: Shiny Stuffs "Delicious" (group gift)
Head: by Catwa
Body: by Maitreya


Monday, August 6, 2018



Love finding unique ideas. Create a world and draw yourself in? Today I am knitting myself a sweater. After all, fall is around the corner.

Knitting Full

Sweater: Sallie "Knitting Addicts - Sweater (14)" (gacha)
Socks: Sallie "Knitting Addicts - Socks (22)" (gacha)
Sallie is located at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bon%20Voyage/128/60/1254
… still under construction
Shoes: Semller "Triceratop Platforms"
Skin: by Essences
Hair: truth "Bewkie"
Eyes: by Song
Poses: by Don't Freak Out!


Thursday, July 26, 2018


Junk Food

This burger is almost too cute to eat but I'm gonna anyway. Yum!

Junk Food Full

Shirt: Fashionably Dead "Delish Crop Sugar"
Pants: The Secret Store "Fannie Capris" (at Collabor88)
Junk Food: MishMish "The Bear Burger" (set includes drinks)(at Kustom9)
Hair: Besom "Wok Bun" (at Collabor88)
Sandals: Livalle "Flip Flops"
Lipstick Applier: Shiny Stuffs "Dream Kiss"
Skin: by Essences
Eyes: by Song
Head: by Catwa
Ears: by Aitui
Body: by Maitreya


Monday, June 25, 2018


Schoolgirl Closeup

Don't you sometimes wish you could go back to being slightly more naïve?

Schoolgirl Full
Dress: Nyu "Gymslip Outfit" (includes Shirt and Tie)(gacha)
Shoes and Socks: Nyu "Mary Jane Heels with Socks" (gift)
Milkshake: Tentacio "Love Packagin" (gacha)
Hair: Truth "Jacica" (VIP gift)
Skin: VCO "Bana 002" (gacha)
Eyes: Song "Toki"
Ears: by Aitui
Head: by Catwa
Body/Hands/Feet: by Maitreya


Monday, June 18, 2018


Bunny One

Some cute outfits from Amitomo, from the "Young and Free" gacha! This was at Kustom9 last month but I bet it migrated over to the main store. The hands are part of the outfit but you can change the skin tone to match the rest of you. I paired them with some adorable boots from Livalle. The boots can be colored in sections and you can turn the little rabbit ears off if you don't want them.

Bunny Two

Dresses: Amitomo "Young and Free" number 1 and 13
Leggings: Tres Blah "Vinyl Pants"
Boots: Livalle "Lola" (w/ texture change HUD)
Hair: Wasabi Pills "Ginny" and "Ginny Windblown"
Skin: by Essences
Lipsticks: Shiny Stuffs "Kiss Me Fool" applier set


Sunday, June 17, 2018


Last month a nice posh outfit debuted at Pocket Gacha by Valentina E. Other Pieces include different ties, longer skirts, and knee-length breeches with lots of buttons.

Jacket: Valentina E. "Miriam Jacket & Bow Red/Black" RARE
Skirt: Valentina E. "Miriam Short Skirt Grey Plaid"
Shoes: Noir "Margot Boots"
Hair: Truth "Bewkie" (group gift)
Head: by Catwa
Body: by Maitreya
Skin: Essences "Sophia"
Eyes: Song "Toki"
Lashes: by Wednesday
Pose: by Don't Freak Out


Sunday, June 10, 2018


Old Cyber VillageI really like these little buildings I picked up at the Arcade Gacha. Although they are obviously meant to be futuristic, they have softened over time. The colors and details are cute, not entirely grunge, and a few persistent trees to keep them from looking too dystopian. That's encouragingly optimistic! I dressed them up sparingly with a bench, a lovely classic car, and a few lights.

Minimal Bionic Buildings (at the Arcade Gacha)


Saturday, May 19, 2018


Sapphire Medium

Yesterday, Junbug had this gown marked down for Fifty Linden Friday. The sapphire satin is simple, but the beadwork is yummy.

Sapphire Full

Ballroom ready.

Sapphire Closeup

This last closeup is really only here to show you the earrings. They are nibs like those used in calligraphy pens, in two sizes, with a texture-change HUD. Lovely.

Gown: Junbug "Alaia"
Earrings: Plastik "
Necklace: Supernatural "Lily #1" (gift)
Hair: Ploom "Sharla"
Skin: Essences "Rachel #Dark02"
Eyes: Song "Toki"
Makeup: Alaska Metro "Wytch"
Body: by Maitreya
Head: by Catwa
Ears: by Aitui
Poses: by Ma Vie and Marukin


Thursday, May 17, 2018


The Direct Stare

The Direct Stare

The Evasive Maneuver

The Evasive Maneuver

The Avoidance Tactic

The Avoidance Tactics

Top: Pixicat "Bohemian Top"
Pants: Maitreya "Zipper Skinny Jeans" (old version in standard sizes)
Shoes: Ncore "Audrey" (gift)
Earrings: Adored "Winged Earrings"
Necklace: Supernatural "Ayla Love Choker" (gacha)
Hair: Besom "Pesha"
Skin: Essences "Rachel #Dark02"
Eyes: Song "Toki"
Head: by Catwa
Ears: by Aitui
Body: by Maitreya
Pose: by Label Motion


Friday, May 11, 2018


Deconstruction Medium

This outfit is so experimental and free-spirited ... loving it! (I may have spent a bit much on this gacha machine. But that's OK.)

Deconstruction Full

Top/Skirt/Bag/Glasses/Earrings: M. Birdie "Merry Look" (Texture-change HUDs)(Epiphany gacha)
Shoes:  Essenz "Guadelajara"
Hair: Analog Dog "Ramona Fantasy" (Gacha Garden gift)
Lipstick: Go&See "Rori Lipstick" (Cosmetic Fair gift)
Head: Catwa "Catya"
Eyes: by Song
Body: by Maitreya


Thursday, May 10, 2018


Go find a beautiful picture and paint yourself into it.

Gown: Junbug "The She Wolf"
Crown: Yummy "Crystalline Queen"
Hair: Lamb "Ocean Bed"
Eyes: Song "Placebo"
Skin: Essences "Ice Queen" (old gift)
Head: Catwa
Body: Maitreya
Location: Winter Moon


Wednesday, May 9, 2018


Comic Challenge

The Challenge

Comic Das Boot

The Boot

Comic Fallen

The Defeat

Comic Final

The Reversal

Helmet: Maru Kado "Shishimai Helmet"
Sword: The Forge "Plasmoid Katana"
Minisuit: Valentina E. "Bridget Coat Dress"
Socks: Fri.day "Cozy Socks" (appliers plus sock tops)
Boots: Livalle "Payne" (HUD to change texture of laces and stitching)
Location: Kowloon (Gidge made me miss it the other day)


Sunday, May 6, 2018


Fair Food Medium

Time for some sun, fun, and empty calories. I'll have mine with some of that fake cheese please!

Fair Food Full

Hat/Hair/Outfit/Boots/Cheese Fries: Tentacio "Altana at the Skatepark" (gachas at the Gacha Garden)
Lipstick: Sass "Matte Lips" pinks (comes with Lelutka and Omega appliers)
Location: Kakumachi


Friday, May 4, 2018


Porcelain Closeup

It is surprising how quickly the weather is becoming heated in this neighborhood.

Porcelain Abovw

The pale-complected may find it prudent to use a parasol to avoid sunburn. This one is agreeably frilly.

Porcelain Full

Umbrella: Junbug "Summer Parasol"
Necklace: : La Gyo "Mary Necklace"
Head: VCO "Elf Head 11" (gacha)
Doll Body: COCO "My Doll" (Be aware you can't wear many clothes by other makers with this body. DEMO DEMO DEMO!!)
Dress: COCO "Puff Sleeve Blouse"
Knickers: COCO "Gift Basic Underwear"
Socks: COCO "Knee High Socks"
Hair: Truth "Carla" (unrigged)


Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Lavander Full

The fae don't always wear fancy ball gowns and traipse about in the woods.  Dressing down for Tuesday to shop at the Gacha Garden. Some days, you just have to wear your old favorites. With some fab new shoes.

Lavander Closeup

And beautiful lipstick and earrings. I really am a sucker for things that are shiny.

Lavander Medium

Shirt: Amitomo "Highfive" (gacha)
Shoes:  Lassitude and Ennui "Contessa" (for Maitreya feet)
Leggings: Lassitude and Ennui "Handstitched Leather Leggings" (appliers)
Hair: booN "Lab.005"
Eyes: Song "Roma"
Ears/Earrings: Schadenfreude "Fey Ears"
Lipstick: Alaska Metro "Sakura"
Skin: Essences "Natasja"
Head: Catwa "Catya"
Body/Feet: by Maitreya
Poses: by Del May