Monday, December 12, 2011


I don't normally purchase "couture" but made an exception for another dress at Kunglers. In particular the square belt buckles and pleated waist tickled my fancy.

This new Beetlebones preview skin is available at the Collabor88 venue. I tried it on a pouty shape and found myself looking oriental. There is a bit of a seam showing on the neck under my chin, but its placement suggests a shadow perhaps. I still like it at the price, but please try on the Demo.

... I indulged myself with more booN hair again: I love the unique design of all their work, but lately Mister Boon seems to be cutting loose with very wispy, organic, assymetrical styles that make me happy even more than usual. :D

I added squared earrings and shoe buckles to reflect the geometric feel of the belt. I think they balance the ruffles and sequins, make the outfit more modern.

Dress: Kunglers Couture “Leilah Honey”
Earrings: Addiction “Love Letter Pearl”
Shoes: SLink “Aveela Stilletto” (w/texture change HUD)
Hair: booN “WMO003”
Hairbases: by booN and Tiny Bird (unavailable)
Skin: Beetlebones “Karina” (Collabor88 preview special for L$88)
Eyes: Fashism “Sunrise”
Poses: by Long Awkward Pose


Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Looking for things to keep your pixels warm? I nominate this cute-cute cushy hat and some hot cocoa. O yes it is cold out here on the ice. How did you know?

Actually hoofies work fine as ice skates.

The Hat and Hooves are on sale today for Grenade Free Wedneday at Epic's store at the Jersey Shore sim, but they are also available in several other colors at the main store.

Hat: Epic “Kawaii Knit Monkey Chapka” (L$100 for Grenade Free Wednesday)
Hooves: Epic “Knit Digi Warmers” (L$100 for Grenade Free Wednesday)
Dress: LG Femme “Amber Dress – SnowcoveredReykjavik”
Beverage: Theosophy “Hot Chocolate” (also available in coffees etc.)
Skin: Curio “:GP: Acorn [Dark] Pout-Melancholy Baby”
Hairpiece: booN “YURI15” (made for wear under hats)
Eyes: Poetic Colors “cat –coal”
Poses: by Frozen Panty and Long Awkward Pose


Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I should mention there are a few very nice gifts out at Winter Magic. Last time I was there, a slightly-noobish-but-nice lady asked me how the hunt worked, and I explained that it was shopping, not a hunt. But that doesn't mean that the designers are without Christmas spirit, and there are a few discreetly placed gifts if you look for them. For instance, the Faster Pussycat display includes gifts for both ladies and gentlemen. The jacket and pants I am wearing are meant for men, but I am happy to borrow from men's closets :D

Being attracted to shiny and sparkly things, I had to purchase this necklace from Kosh. (The longer one on the silver chain.) If you click on the photo you can see it larger on Flickr. There are subtle animated twinklies inside that you can see on display in the shop.

Jacket and Pants: Faster Pussycat "Velvet Elvis" (gift at Winter Magic)
Necklace: Kosh "Your Soul to Keep" (exclusive at Winter Magic)
Skin: Plastik "Aleria" (exclusive at Winter Magic)
Shirt: Schadenfreude "Black Ghost Skelebeater"
Necklace: Favole "Sacred"
Bracelet: Blitzed "Legacy"
Horns: Lassitude and Ennui "Filigree Horns"
Shoes: Peqe "High Keira Leopard Print"
Hair: booN "ZGO223"
Lipgloss: Croire "Mischief Night Gloss"
Eyes: Poetic Colors "Fairy Eyes - witch dark gr"
Eyelashes: Hebenon Vial "Dramatique"


Sunday, December 4, 2011


I'm showing a few more cutie-pie stuffs from the Zombie Popcorn Winter Magic event. The holiday shopping is fun, the build is sweet with plenty of nice photo spots, and when I'm done taking photos here I think I'll need some hot chocolate. I am turning blue with the cold but at least my tongue is the right color.

This cute outfit from Severed Garden includes the fun sweater, a little sculpted miniskirt, leggings, fringed boots, and a headband with a pair of huge pompoms on it. I traded the headband for these snowy antlers, and reduced the skirt into a little sweater bottom. My legs kept sticking through the skirt, so I wanted to wear shorts.

Knits Set: Severed Garden “Pompy Ice” (at Winter Magic)
Antlers: Acide “Atlantique Cornes” (at Winter Magic)
Skin: Katsucide “Laura Oceane” (at Winter Magic)
Snowflake Tongue: Juxtapose “Catch a Flake” (set of 5 with built in poses)
Shorts: Phoenix Rising “Taylor Shorts” (unavailable)
Hair: booN “KED937”
Hairbases: by booN and Tiny Bird (unavailable)
Eyes: n-creation “ghost ice eyes” (old Zombie Popcorn prize)
Eyelashes: by Exodi



There are quite a few Christmas events and hunts trying to catch our attention, but one of the ones you shouldn't miss is the Christmas Expo. Four regions of gift shopping and entertainment, with many exclusive benefit items set to raise funds for Relay for Life. Whether you prefer ballgowns or home decor, there is sure to be something there you like or would like to gift.

I always try to find charity benefit items to show you, but sometimes I see something else that grabs my attention. This year's "wows" for me were this gorgeous sheath dress and jewels from Kunglers. Not that these were my only purchases ...

I love our Holidays and everything that goes with them. I hope you're all having fun!

Why not start with a Sleigh Ride?
Or for more information, visit the official webpage.

Dress: Kunglers “Gina”
Jewels: Kunglers “Akha” Necklace and Earrings
Shoes: Maitreya “Frenzy Banana” (still a lovely oldie)
Hair: Exile “Maylee”
Skin: Curio “:GP: Acorn [Light] Fall-TD Exclusive” (this makeup unavailable)
Eyes: Fashism “Sunrise”
Eyelashes: Glow Studio “Innocent. eyelashes – pure”
Poses: by Diesel Works and Long Awkward Pose


Friday, December 2, 2011


I can't be this lucky!


Zombie Popcorn's Winter Magic event is going for two weeks, no it is not a Zombie-themed hunt, but a gorgeous winter sim full of Winter-themed shopping. I consoled myself for the absence of brainz with another pair of boots. Of course.

Humming "Walking in a Winter Wonderland" ... I opened the floodgates on Christmas music after I ate my pumpkin pie on thanksgiving. This year balancing my lives, my obligations, my family is presenting more challenges, but there was not a snowball's chance in Hades that I was going to miss the Winter Magic event presented by Zombie Popcorn. I did miss the blogger's preview dammit, but here I go anyway.

Everything I am wearing I bought at the Winter Magic event, except for the Leggings. Go make a snow angel for me! :D

Hat/Hair: Wasabi Pills "Magician" (w/texture change HUD)(event exclusive)
Sweater: d.Select "long winter sweater" (event exclusive)
Leggings: Rebel X "Leggings - Wool - Beige Snow"
Boots: Lassitude and Ennui "Assassin Boots"
Skin: Plastik "Aleria Sanddollar ZombiePopcorn Xmas" (event exclusive)
Mouthie: Plastik "OmnomTinySnowflake" (one of several cute extras in the skin pack)



There is no clothes that I could buy
That could turn back the time

There is no vacation spot I could fly
That could bring back a piece of real life
Real life, what does it feel like?

I ask you tonight, I ask you tonight
What does it feel like? I ask you tonight
To live a real life?

I just want to be ...

Body: DOLLCOCO “Body(snow)” (Mesh)(gift)
Ears: DOLLCOCO “Gift_ElfEars” (Mesh) (gift)
Head: DOLLCOCO “Head(snow)_Emily” (Mesh)(also with closed eyes)
Hair: Alice Project “Amiya” (Mesh)
Outfit: Yabusaka “Mesh School Uniform” (Mesh)(also includes tights)
Poses: by Long Awkward Pose
Location: HappyMood
Lyrics: by Kanye West

This was a bit of experiment, trying to combine lots of mesh pieces by different makers, pieces that were not intended to be worn together. The Yabusaka outfit is meant to be worn on a Yabusaka dollie, not the Coco doll, so the pieces intersected oddly at the upper back. I wore long hair to cover it. The result is presentable but the thighs tend to stick through the skirt with more active animations. I don't care cause I love it anyway!! <3


Sunday, November 27, 2011


Dearest Designers please note. If you send me an outfit like this one, I shall refuse to accept any responsibility for the outcome. You have been warned.

Your kisses lift me higher like the sweet song of the choir
You light my morning sky with burning love

I'm just a hunka hunka burning love !

I still aint lost em. Yeah they love me.

Jumpsuit: aDiva Couture "Agnetha Jumpsuit"
Boots: Gos "Curvaceous Boots"
Necklace: Ganked "Darkcircle Necklace" (old)
Glasses: Gos "Custom Eyeware"
Hair: Alli and Ali "Sol"
Hairbase: Aitui "Standard Hairbase"
Skin: Ricochet "Tristan"
Eyes: Fashism "Sunrise"
Mike Stand: Pichanga "Becoming Elvis" (old Menstuff prize)
Poses: by Long Awkward Pose and included in Mike


p.s. The jumpsuit is intended for women but hey, I think it is way more funner this way. ROTFL

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Alas! Earwax. However, the Ohmai Emporium's jellybeans are so inexpensive that you may try another flavour almost for free. This little Ravenclaw student is fully dressed and showing her school spirit, having purchased a pet specially dyed in her house colours.

Or you can wash away the taste with some really excellent chocolate.

Outer Swearer: TokiDoki “Fall Cardigan (ravenclaw)” (group gift)
Sweater Vest: Boom “House of the Eagle Vest”
Shirt: Schadenfreude “White Oxford Shirt”
Tie: Schadenfreude “You-Know-Who Tie” (w/texture change HUD)
Skirt: Mon Tissu “Oxford Pencil Skirt” (mesh)
Arm Warmers: Boom “Arm Warmers – House of the Eagle”
Socks: Boom “House of the Eagle wool knee socks”
Scarf/Hair: Wasabi Pills “Brrree Mesh Hair” (mesh w/texture change scarf)
Pet: Ohmai Emporium “Pygmy Puff (the Eagle)” (gift set of four colors)
Necklace: Merlin’s Beard “Time Turner”
Wand: Schadenfreude “Tendrils Wand”
Jellybean: Ohmai Emporium “Every Flavored Bean (Earwax)
Chocolate: “Chocolate Frog” (unavailable the Gacha vendor vanished!)
Shoes: Duh! “Mary Janes”
Skin: Curio “:GP: Acorn Frex [Light] The Visitor-Probe 1”
Eyebrows: Curio “:GP: The Visitor-Dark Brows”
Eyes: Fashism “Sunrise”
Location: The Alley Shoppes at Accio

... In the interest of brevity, I restrained myself from also showing close pictures of the lovely Schadenfreude Tendrils wand and the gorgeous broomstick I purchased at Merlin's Beard. I would have shown the broom but my hands and mouth were already full of goodies :)


Monday, November 14, 2011


It's no mystery that lately I've been drawn into shops to buy sweaters, furs, even a muff.

I feel so warm in this knitty mesh dress from Jane. I love the fit, it has a nice bum without getting the ridiculous bubble-butt I've been seeing on some skirts. I like the little detail where the sleeves push down over my hands just the way I like them in cold weather. And BRB's fur stole is just soft and huggable.

Hat/Hair: Mr. Poet “Bakerboy Cap and Hair” (texture change everything)
Fur Stole: BRB “Comfy Stole”
Dress: Jane “2nd Skin Dress Trio Purples” (mesh)
Boots: J’s “Ankle Boots Square”
Skin: Curio “:GP: Bean Frex [Dark] Pout – Whine 1”
Eyes: Fashism “Sunrise”
Eyelashes: by Exodi
Poses: by Penny Dreadful Arcade


Saturday, November 12, 2011


After crashing out of Vintage Fair a few times, I quit trying to go there and went looking for other fun. Then it occurred to me, this is NOVEMBER! Which is my birthday month. So I decided to go looking for cake! Did you know that there is an island made of Cake? (Now you do.)

Any sim that is completely covered in frosting has my approval. After taking these pictures, I rolled around on the sticky beaches until I was unrecognizable ... whilst thinking deep philosophical thoughts about this virtual heaven. Last week I forgot I was passing my fourth rez day, but I've been blogging for about three years.

That's a big deal to me.

(Evie's little fairy outfit includes a hat, socks and flat shoes that I didn't wear cause, honestly! Of course I would rather be barefoot. I modified the sock tops to wear around my ankles.)

Outfit: Evie’s Closet “Tiny Eden Fall 2011 Edition”
Hair: booN “XFE275”
Skin: Curio “:GP: Acorn [Light] The Visitor – Probe 1”
Feet: Coco “BareFeet” (w/tinting HUD)(group gift)
Poses: by Long Awkward Pose
Location: Cake


Friday, November 11, 2011


I found this pretty blue suit in my mailbox and tried it on, and this song started going through my head:

She's the devil with the blue dress, blue dress, blue dress,
Devil with the blue dress on

And I thought, it's a Suit, not a dress, but I figured that's okay, cause if the devil had a day job, she'd probably be a lawyer. She is here with her briefcase to negotiate a contract for your soul, if you're dumb enough to answer when she knocks at your door.

The blue suit has purple trim, so that gave me a great excuse to buy a pair of purple boots. Like I need an excuse.

Jacket: Mashooka “Chantal Colbert” (mesh)
Skirt: Mashooka “Chantal Skirt” (mesh)
Shirt: Whippet and Buck “Claven Lace Blouse”
Corset: Phoenix Rising “Willamina’s Tease” (part of dress)
Boots: Lapointe and Bastchild “Angeline”
Bag: Edelweiss “School Bag” (includes poses)
Horns: Wasabi Pills “Inferno” (texture change and tint)
Tail: Trap “Demon Tail”
Hair: Amacci “Alice”
Skin: Curio “:GP: Acorn [Light] The Visitor – Probe 1”
Eyes: Ugly Duck “Lily Black Eyes”
Poses: by Long Awkward Pose
Location: Rackingham State Hospital


Monday, November 7, 2011


It's shameful how many lovely things sit in my closet unused, so I am wearing some old favorites along with the new bits.

The Aoharu turtleneck is not new but the simple narrow neck is perfect for layering under other collars and scarves. The Ingenue belt a gem. And the jewels by Alchemy Immortalis. Carefully crafted classics, that still compare beautifully with current art.

And the new: I love the graduated color on the Riddle skirt, and the sporty Mon Tissu hat. But the irresistable piece here is the skin. The new "Visitor" skins from Curio are amazing. There are several makeups that vary from almost-normal to unmistakably alien, including a set with otherworldly eyes and extra lipsticks. The face is unusually smooth and hairless, with small faintly pursed lips. (I added some eyebrows taken from an unwitting human donor.) I was severely tempted to give in and buy the megamultipak with like a zillion skintones, makeups and eyes, but ... :) darned budget.

Hat: Mon Tissu “Feather Wrapped Fedora” (texture change hatband)
Scarf: Miel “Fringe Scarf – leafy”
Shirt: Aoharu “TurtleNeckKnit_Nude”
Skirt: Riddle “Dip Dyed Mesh Maxi” (mesh)
Belt: Ingenue “Traveler”
Brooch: Alchemy Immortalis “Ami amet deli pencet” (texture change)
Bracelet: Alchemy Immortalis “Ami amet deli pencet” (texture change)
Earrings: Alchemy Immortalis “Sephira Seed Cabochon” (texture change)
Shoes: G Field “Sophie” (texture change piping and buckles)
Hair: YS&YS “Premiere Chignon” (included with some skins)
Hairbase: booN “gathered lower hairbase”
Skin: Curio “:GP: Acorn [Dark] The Visitor – Probe 2”
Lipstick: “:GP: The Visitor – Lips 3”
Eyebrows: Curio “:GP: Airhead – Dark Brows” (borrowed from another skin set)
Eyes: Poetic Colors “Fairy Eyes – Wolf Dark” (including eye lights)
Poses: by Long Awkward Pose


Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Today the Day of the Dead Celebrations end and with them my last excuse to deck myself in black and orange and skulls. Not that I need any excuse if I'm ever in the mood for indulging the dark and gothy. I headed over to the Peatonville Asylum to explore its dark corners, suitably adorned with several memento-mori ornaments.

The mental asylum creeps me out ... complete with an interactive puzzle hunt, gore, cobwebs, creepy music and a quality build that begs to be photographed.

Don't get lost.

Headpiece and Makeup: La Malvada Mujer “Circe”
Necklace: Lassitude and Ennui “Sugar Skull Necklace” (w/texture change HUD)
Ring: Naith Smit "Blood Diamond"
Top: silentsparrow “(hollow) dominion dress undershirt” (old gift)
Undershirt: silentsparrow “(hollow) sylvan lolita top” (old gift)
Skirt: Jane “maxi skirt.meena.charcoal” (mesh)
Shoes: Duh! “Black Mary Janes”
Hair: Lelutka “Rykiel”
Skin: Ugly Duck “Lilith – Succubus”
Eyes: Fashism “Sunrise”
Eyelashes: Hebenon Vial “Dramatique Lashes” (in-store gift)
Lipstick: Ugly Duck “Lips 15”
Poses: by Long Awkward Pose
Location: Peatonville Asylum by MadPea


Friday, October 28, 2011


I am so glad I did not miss this Fabala-fabulous dollie that KatatOnik put up for sale last Fifty-Linden Friday because, honestly, the green-skinned-one is my favorite. A pink-faced cutie pie doll is still for sale with several different colors of dresses. (And I bet we'll be seeing more of these dollies for other holidays. Oh I really hope so.) ... and if you are in love with the little dog, it is from Zooby's.