Friday, January 28, 2011


With the release of Tron Legacy comes a rush of Tron homage ... starting with this premium suit from Graves. I adore it! Up close there are a couple places where the seams are just slightly misaligned, but the texture is gorgeous. (Click on the pic to see it up close. Yum.) If I had one wish, it would be a female-sized collar so my girlie self could easily wear this suit too. Graves does make a female suit, but I'd rather not buy both.

Suited up, I searhed for a Tron-themed sim, and this one is the best I found. The landing point was in a futuristic nightclub. I went outside and spotted a lightcycle racing area, and a small shopping area that sells all things Tron.

[gratuitous butt shot] oo shiny!

Suit: Graves G240 Mainframe
Skin: Ricochet “Tristan Dark”
Eyes: The Plastik “Frozen Soul – Blue”
Poses: by Long Awkward Pose
Location: at Vixens Isle


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