Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I stepped out into the sacred city of the feathered serpent and spent the day accepting its tribute.

At last the sun lowered in the west and reluctantly I turned back to the gate.

But I will return again. Wait for me.

Gown: Vanguard “Death Flower”
Feathered Collar: Mimikri “Feather Collar Cosmic Snow” (TDR Blue)
Gloves: Mimikri “Gloves Cloud”
Hair: AVZ “Dark Garden”
Skin: Fashionably Dead “Bird Skin Winter 3”
Eyes: Plastik “Magic Floods Out of My Soul” prim eyes
Tattoo: Miss Shippe’s Studio “Ta Moko Wakini”
Poses: by Long Awkward Pose and Lost Angel Poses
Location: Kukulcan (thanks to Honour McMillan!)


p.s. I restrained myself from busting out one of those Stargate movie weapons and going all egyptian warrior princess on you all. You're welcome :D

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