Thursday, January 16, 2014


Just lately, Atelier Visconti has released several lovely ornaments for winter landscaping. If you have never visited their main store, you may not realize that they have a few components for you to build your own arty ruins. I think these new bits look more like they are "Closed for the Winter Season" than ruined. There are two frozen fountains; looking at this first little one with its icicles made me go put on a sweater. It's also only 1 land impact if your prim budget is tight.

This second set is new over at the Garden section of the Liaison Collaborative. it includes a circle of "Elven" arches, a standing lamp, a stone bench and a cute little fountain. I think the arches could be perfect either on top of a little hill in the elven wood, or as part of the architecture of a larger city. This fountain isn't frozen at all so one of my happy little birds came for a quick drink.

The stone bench and the larger octagonal fountain are of course loaded with single and couples animations. Go and see!

Atelier Visconti "Fountain Clover Snowy"
Atelier Visconti "Aurora Elven Arches" (at the Liaison Collaborative)
Atelier Visconti "Aurora Light" (at the Liaison Collaborative)
Atelier Visconti "Aurora Stone Bench" (at the Liaison Collaborative)
Atelier Visconti "Aurora Fountain" (at the Liaison Collaborative)
Atelier Visconti "Fountain Octagonal Snowy"
Trees: Studio Skye "Enchanted Woods"
Birdie: by Happy Mood


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