Friday, May 4, 2018


Porcelain Closeup

It is surprising how quickly the weather is becoming heated in this neighborhood.

Porcelain Abovw

The pale-complected may find it prudent to use a parasol to avoid sunburn. This one is agreeably frilly.

Porcelain Full

Umbrella: Junbug "Summer Parasol"
Necklace: : La Gyo "Mary Necklace"
Head: VCO "Elf Head 11" (gacha)
Doll Body: COCO "My Doll" (Be aware you can't wear many clothes by other makers with this body. DEMO DEMO DEMO!!)
Dress: COCO "Puff Sleeve Blouse"
Knickers: COCO "Gift Basic Underwear"
Socks: COCO "Knee High Socks"
Hair: Truth "Carla" (unrigged)


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