Friday, November 27, 2009


In my dreams I can fly. I see myself able to climb with these wings up to the highest level of the City. The beautiful upper buildings seem to hover over the dirt below, daring gravity to have the hubris to pull them down. But inevitably I go back down to wander in the the streets below, the ones I know in real life. Perhaps I do not know enough about the shining buildings overhead to dream about them for long. I can't even imagine what they look like on the inside.

My bird self walks into the buildings on the ground level, claws clicking on the pavement.

I must have stared at this paper unicorn for several minutes. Where have I seen it before?

I didn't know that a dream could last long enough to explore a whole city. I wandered through its several levels, above and below, flying or walking on catwalks. Most of it was dark and lifeless, the public streets commercial, without any sign of warmth or friendship.

If this city has a redeeming point I suppose it must be the art. I found several collections: some landscapes placed openly behind gallery doors, more visceral works tucked into odd corners. It was fascinating, but hard to understand ... what does it mean? (There was a literal barrier here, placed between me and the paintings ... )

Below in the Underground, I found the art more streetwise. Now this I understand. This street artist painted beauty back into his life ... reclaiming the lost sky and sun, with a whimsical beach and even an umbrella to protect himself from sunburn. Gotta love the dark humor here.

Headgear: downdowndown “Yatsu-Me”
Artificial Legs: downdowndown “artificial legs”
Bag: Chabinns “Crow Feather Bag” (Designers United II)
Belt: Blitzed “Mechanic Belt”
Gloves: Plastik “Annamalie Gloves”
Shirt: Zenith “Tank Shirt” (brown)
Hair: Deviant Kitties “Uruha” (black)
Skin: Rockberry “Character Skin Lily” (adjustable lip tint)
Eyes: Poetic Color “Night Rain”
Poses: by Animazoo and VPoses
Location: Bladerunner City


p.s. Bladerunner City is a lovely homage to the film but on another level it is an ongoing artists' experiment. I look forward to seeing how it develops. The city is built three-dimensionally on several levels, similar to the worlds depicted in Bladerunner and The Fifth Element, several levels of wealth and technology, and layers of meaning. People are still arguing about the ambiguities and dilemmas presented in the film and the book that inspired it. Enjoy.

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