Monday, November 2, 2009

THE HALLOWEEN SPIRIT 4/4: best laid plans

Well you know what they say about the best laid plans. I had Halloween laid out: On Friday October 30, finish up the halloween decorating, carve pumpkin with my daughter, last touches to costumes. In the evening, I would attend the Illusions Ball in costume, then swing by the Loco Pocos Trick or Treating and a couple of haunted houses after she went to sleep. I saved them for the end of the month because for me, it's more fun that way. On Halloween it would be all RL cause, well, I do have a Life.

Here's what really happened: on Thursday my Dad dropped by in the afternoon, and we had fun with my daughter a while. This put a pinch in my shopping plans, but I figured I could make it up later. Walmart is open 24 hours. He stayed till about 7:30 and got up to go home before dark. He doesn't see very well in the dark for driving. A minute later he came back with a bloody hanky at his face. He's been having bad nosebleeds that won't stop, and had a couple visits to the Emergency Room already that week. It was getting dark and I figured he shouldn't drive with one hand pinching his nose with the other, so I took him to the hospital. Carrying sleeping toddler, bag of baby essentials, coats etc., we wait there for forty-five minutes to see the doctor. By then the gushing blood miraculously stopped, so I took him home. The next day he had early surgery, and I picked him up afterward because he couldn't drive home after the anesthesia. Took him back to my house to keep an eye on him for a couple of hours but he looked OK, so I ran around trying to do Halloween decorations. Forget about carving a jack-o-lantern or pumpkin pies. I made Dad and daughter lunch instead. Run through the day and evening like a madwoman, no time for the Illusions Ball.

On Halloween Sara and I had so much fun getting ready and in the afternoon she went trick-or-treating with her Daddy while I stayed home to terrorize all the kids in the neighborhood in my witch costume. Finally late at night, after they came home she slipped into a sugar coma, and my husband was vegetating in front of the television. I turned on the computer and tried to salvage a few of my Second Life plans. I had two hours, so I ran over to Loco Pocos and Bloodmoon Manor.

Well, I had planned to wear the Loco Pocos Skeleton Avatar and the Orange KatatOnik Dollie Dress. It was late and I was the only one there.

I really did like this haunted house. This one was, well, the grossest. The Art Maze Haunted House was great fun too: it had puzzles and pieces you had to find, and some very nice treat bags all over the house to find too. I intended to show you some of their prizes too but, you know what they say about plans ... :)

This was the one place in the house that made me jump. There were all kinds of gross abbatoir sights, bloodspatter etc. that doesn't rattle me, but this guy startled me as he suddenly popped out of the wall. Sweet.

Oh, yeah I was wearing (still):
Skin: The Plastik (from their Halloween Gift)
Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations "Luna"
Jacket: DeLa “Short Jacket Bette”
Corset/Shorts: from Cupcakes "Brocade Dress Halloween" (i think 75L?)
Pants: Adam and Eve "Catwalk Leather Pants" (0n underwear layer)
Skirt: Silentsparrow "Gutter Glitter"
Socks: Miel "Lo Refurbished Socks" (100L at the Dock)
Shoes: Ducknipple "Harry"


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