Sunday, December 20, 2009


In better times I would never have walked into this part of town to look for work. Today I am more pragmatic. *laughs* Time to swallow my pride. The opera isn't hiring, and I have bills to pay.

The acoustics on this stage are poor but I'll have to show them that I can carry a show. Mama always said Honey, never let them see your nerves.

Now this part is easy. From this spot I can seduce the whole room with a song. Where's the piano man?

The audition was long, the manager demanding and full of innuendo, and I am going home late. But my lipstick is not smeared. The seams of my stockings are perfectly straight, and this coat cleaned up well. He gave me the job cause he thinks I am classy but not too classy to give him the time. He'll find out his mistake later.

Time for this songbird to fly away out of trouble. This part of town is dodgy at night.

Coat and Hat/Hair: Donna Flora “Bunny” (outfit also includes lacy bloomers)
Skirt: Ivalde “Freydis” (part of dress)
Boots: Shiny Things “Button Boots” (wine)
Stockings: Insolence “Kiss Me” Dark Grey Seamed Stockings
Eyes: Poetic Color “Night Rain”
Skin: Curio “:GP: Bean [Light] Elf-Happy Holidays” (gift)
Poses: Animazoo (the piano pose is built into the Musical Alchemy Piano)
Location: Flashman’s 1920’s Bawdy House


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