Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Okay sorry I've been out of town, mostly without internet access. We went on vacation to California, Mom has dial-up (enuff said?) ... our daughter loved Disneyland, but afterward I was too tired to get online ... then the in-laws took us on a cruise and the ship wanted me to pay $24.00 for sixty minutes of internet access which they informed me would be slower than DSL. Not going to happen.

So really the cruise would have been okay if I wanted several mostly inactive days and too much to eat. On the middle day I was watching CNN and Sean Penn was on to talk about his trip to Haiti. He is an actor I suppose but I don't think he was acting ... he looked like he wanted to cry. The part that stuck in my memory was the part where he mentioned that in a month or so Haiti will begin its rainy season. Tens of thousands of people who are now living in tents made of tarps or maybe just bedsheets, will soon be living in soggy, muddy tents made of tarps or maybe just bedsheets. I don't suppose there is a portapotty on every corner. The sanitation problems will be washed around all parts of the streets in all of those tent cities. Then disease ...

What a contrast.

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