Tuesday, June 21, 2011


They bring the caught to be judged, and the weak to be eaten.

They come to worship, or to ask for favors.

They hope I am in a good mood.

Today's post was motivated by the lovely and macabre Succubus Skins that I purchased at Ugly Duck's Summer Sale. Several multipacks of skin marked down to L$250, including this horror themed skin, and several others more normal. Don't miss! After the sale ends these skins will be retired.

Outfit: Bare Rose “Ghol Lady”
Skin: Ugly Duck “Lilith – Succubus” (4-pack for L$250 at the Summer Sale)
Eyes: Ugly Duck “Lily Black”
Eyelashes: by Exodi
Facial Snarl: House of Curios “HOC – expresso HUD” (free)
Animations: by Long Awkward Pose
Location: Omega Point


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