Monday, August 8, 2011


They're not even here to feed me or strike a bargain. They will pay for that.

I charged about the island, looking for the foolish witch or necromancer who summoned me.

Darkness and the remnants of bloody rituals everywhere. The smell is making me so hungry ...

Ahh, THERE you are.

Really you should click on this last photo and take a good look. the lavalike white heat, rows of teeth, and the mucus and drool hanging from the roof of my mouth are impressive. And the last thing you will ever see!

Every now and again I just have to visit Grendel's Children to see the non-human avatars. If you have never visited, Grendel's has a huge store in the sky, and four ground-level sims for roleplay below. If you would like to be a dragon, a steampunk spider, or a cyber replicant, Grendel's has many inespensive avatars that are usually modifiable if you like to customise. The Insanity Demon Avatar that I am wearing includes a HUD that lets me fight, breathe flame, growl ... worth many return visits.

The Realm of Black Thorn Adult-themed Roleplay area on the Sharkbite Sim is a nice build. In the landing area, read the rules notecard, and if you decide to walk into the "adult" roleplay area, you enter at your own risk. Bwahaha.


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