Sunday, August 14, 2011


I'm gonna bag me a monster tonight.

I've been hangin' out in the cemetery all afternoon. But its getting close now.

With a fresh grave ready, there ought to be something bad stirring around.

But I sure hate the last half hour of waiting.

Just for laughs, today I am modeling a bare chested rockstar-wannabe vamp hunter. I laugh now, but I remember when I was a kid I was scared of things like vampires from watching the movies. But the monster hunters looked pretty stupid to me. Why didn't they just leave some donated IV bloodbags for the vampires? Why didn't they weld on steel collars that keep the vampire from biting their necks? Why did the women in these movies always trip over something when they were running away? Why do all the victims have to be so darn stupid all the time?!?

This outfit is mostly courtesy of the Make Him Over Hunt which is running through August 20. For more information, including a Teleport List and pictures of some of the Hunt Prizes, you may visit their website or join their inworld group. At the starting point you can also pick up a hint list.

Outfit: N1Co "VIC armor" (MHOH6 Hunt Prize)
Boots: Deco "Mud Boots" (not a hunt prize)
Glasses: Air "Stella" (MHOH6 Hunt Prize)
Hairbase: JOMO "etched hair 08a" (MHOH6 Hunt Prize)
Skin: Prodigal "Ale_MHOH6_special_bald" (MHOH6 Hunt Prize)
Dagger: Harbinger and Stormie "Dagger of Faith" (with combat HUD, not a hunt prize)
Poses: by Long Awkward Pose
Location: Transylvania


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