Monday, February 23, 2015


Prosthetics Closeup

I keep telling myself that even though I am all in pieces, that doesn't mean I can't rebuild a better me. So what if that means prosthetics? We all have our crutches, don't we?

Prosthetics Medium

And these new arms and legs are amazing. The technology includes several hand gestures and three different configurations of interchangeable feet. And my new hover chair puts those old timey wheelchairs to shame. I really am grateful. Mostly.

Prosthetics Full

I want to mention that when I tried on the arms and legs I wasn't really impressed ... until I turned on the Advanced Lighting settings! The nice texture is made with materials and is not very noticeable until you put on bright lighting, so turn on your brightest environmental settings for best effect.

Helmet: Anachron "Harmonic Helmet - Carbon" (at FutureWave)
Jacket: Senzafine "Eclipse" (at FutureWave)
Cybernetic Limbs: Star Quality (at FutureWave)
Hover Chair: Orionite Labs "Hover Lounger Deluxe" (at FutureWave)
Lipstick: Pin Me Down "Metallic 11" (at FutureWave)
Hair: Truth "Sam"
Skin: Essences "Alice"
Eyes: Ikon "Ardent"
Ears: by Aitui


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