Sunday, October 15, 2017


Fire Medium

I finally changed out of my old stinky pajamas after nine months. I can't believe I was away for that long but unwilling to miss Halloween.  I needed a shower and a new hairdo real bad. It wasn't pretty.

Fire Closeup

Catching up on bento heads, hands, and animated meshes. Needed a new computer for all that. I love the newer mesh heads and spent a long time trying to get my new head to look like my old eccentric one. The facial animations are so much better. And can I say how much I ADORE all the lipstick options? (Can y'all remember back in the old days when having lipstick meant you had to buy skin fat-packs ??)

Fire Full

I missed you all! :)

Sweater: Neve "Delicious" (four texture applier)
Pants: The Secret Store "Bonnie Capri Pants"
Necklace: KatatOnik "(monster3) USB Choker RARE" (gacha)
Flats: Lassitude and Ennui "Deer Flats" (gacha)
Hair: Doe "Pippy" (two tone)
Skin Appliers: Essences
Lipstick: Cheeky "My Autumn Lipstick" (applier)
Eyes: S0NG "Cia" (orange)
Horns Lassitude and Ennui "Slightly Monstrous Horns" (slightly?)
Head: Catwa "Catya"
Body, Hands and Feet: SLink


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