Monday, January 4, 2010


I don't model lingerie much, but the new silentsparrow "Fledermaus" tattoo inspired me! The playful bats and frothy curlicues frolic all over. Use your imagination, or go get your own. ha. ... The package also includes a second tattoo without curlicues, just bats.

I gushed about this MiaSnow skin before, and it's still gorgeous. There are several other versions of the "Dahlia" skins with different makeups and damage. This "Nephra" hair by Gauze is similar to their popular "Destroy" hair but fuller, messier and less symmetrical.

I love contrasting this cheesecake pinup pose and modest lingerie with the devilish hair and wings.

Tattoos: Silentsparrow “Fledermaus” tattoo set
Wings: Illusions “Chibi Demon Wings”
Undergarments: Violent Seduction “Hate” Corset and Bloomers (gift at Love/Hate HQ, modded a little)
Hair: Gauze “Nephra”
Skin: MiaSnow “Dahlia 9”
Eyes: Poetic Color “Night Rain”
Pose: Long Awkward Pose


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