Monday, January 11, 2010


Sunset is the wrong time of day to cross a Trollbridge. It's the time of day that trolls and other Wild things come out to eat.

I realize I don't LOOK dangerous. That's part of the plan.

(This is not a gratuitous butt shot. I wanted you to see the specially made belt with the tail guard. As well as the cute little birdie and ... okay it was still a gratuitous butt shot. ... These pants are knee length breeches with lovely bottom cuffs that I will have to show you in another post.)

(And the new Steampunk-styled Minotaur Legs from Cats of a Feather. Please click on it to go look at the larger pic and see the lovely detail. What you can't see in any still shot is how the animated steam pumps through the glowing tubes, or how a little steam escapes here and there from the works. These legs also come in cyber Chrome so if you buy, make sure you are selecting the ones you like best. And try on a demo first.)

Be careful. If you look into the eyes of something Wild, you will never be the same. And ... I am quite hungry.

(These Poetic color eyes are available in regular or blackened eyewhites. I couldn't help but buy both. The packs include regular eyes, eyes with gold rings around the pupils, and eye lights that give a reflective surface which reflects back at you even in the dark.)

Helmet: Hat Mechanic “Gruff”
Cyber Legs: Cats of a Feather “Steam Minotaur Hooves” Platinum and Leather
Eyes: Poetic Color “Fairy Tale Witch Dark” with Gold Ring and Eye Lights
Skin: Curio “:GP: Bean [Dark] Elf-Snug 2”
Tail: Rez Fantazy “Capran Black Avatar Tail”
Scarf: Argrace “Long Stole Shirring”
Pleated Collar: Silentsparrow “rustnoir pleated collar” (limited edition unavailable)
Shirt: Miel “Cali Top w Hood Down”
Pants and Belt: Tokushi Threads “Steam Swallow Pants”
Gloves: Tokushi Avatars “Le’Strap Gloves”
Poses: by Lost Angel Poses and Diesel Works
Location: Osterberg


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