Tuesday, April 13, 2010


It's dark, cold, and I have no idea where in the hell I am. Where is the unit? The war? My armament? My pack?

This sure as hell isn't my drop zone. *taps mic* No comm, instruments out of range. Fabulous.

Okay okay, options. There are always options. What are my options? ... It's already getting hot.

*pulls off sweaty helmet*

Options. Yeah.

If I weren't gonna die out here, that might be funny.

Armor: Grollwerks “Geno-R1 Heavy Armor” (more pieces not shown)
Skin: Garage “Skin Bruises ton-3”
Hair: Exile “Micah” (gift)
Eyes: Poetic Color “Night Rain”
Poses: by Diesel Works, Dorcas, Long Awkward Pose


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