Tuesday, April 20, 2010


He was just a little apprehensive about meeting me in the cemetery, but that was easily overcome by testosterone.

He was surprisingly slow on the uptake. But most humans don't believe in things like me.


Vest: Young Urban “Test Match Vest” (Zombie Popcorn Hunt gift)
Pants: Boingo “Mens Gladiator Leggings” (Zombie Popcorn Hunt gift)
Boots: Ducknipple “Smug Black” (Zombie Popcorn Hunt gift)
Belt: Berries “Belt Airtime Black” (Zombie Popcorn Hunt gift)
Bracelets: Blitzed “Spiked Bracelets” (Zombie Popcorn Hunt gift)
Hair: Exile “Sadie Blonde Frost” (Zombie Popcorn Hunt gift)
Skin: Plastik “Zombie Femme Stage Two” (Zombie Popcorn Hunt gift)
Eyes: Plastik “Brains Collection Gasoline” (Zombie Popcorn Hunt gift)
Eyelashes: Glow Studio “Innocent Eyelashes Pure” (okay I need to adjust them better)
Poses: Poses for Posers (Zombie Popcorn Hunt gift)
Location: Wretched Hollow Cemetery

I don’t go on very many hunts these days, but what intrigued me about the Zombie Popcorn Hunt was the over the top grossness of its name. Try not to get a mental picture. Let’s just move on ... What impressed me about this hunt was more than the usual number of skins. I showed the Plastik skin, but there were several other nice ones, notably another very nice zombie-themed skin by Mabee, and a scarlet-lipped human skin from Glam Affair. The Plastik package also includes a male zombie skin so the Guys don't have to feel left out. The hunt has a hint page if you are having a hard time finding some of the more difficult ones.


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