Tuesday, August 31, 2010

SPOOKY part 2 : What Scares Men

In that dream, I am standing in front of the playground wall where we always played dodge ball, when I notice I am holding a couple of very colorful purses.

Then I feel that draft that clues me that I am standing there in my jock strap. If I stand real still maybe no one will see me.

The Starlust Panty Raid while great fun is usually a huntfest for girls underwear but there are a couple of things out for the guys. The rcbg jockstrap is prime. I found some colorful boy-style pants put out by Pig Shop too. Oh yeah and today is the LAST DAY to run around the Starlust looking for clams at the Panty Raid, so if you want it hustle over there.

Hail to the Chief!!

Headgear: rcbg “chief head-dress”
Undies: rcbg “jock strap” (Starlust Panty Raid) (regular and with sock-stuffing!)
Purses: Duh! “Crocodile Bag” (Starlust Panty Raid)
and Miel “Glitter Bag” (texture change on touch)
Skin: Atomic Bambi “Benicio Beta”
Hair: Shag “Rocket Man” (Project Themeory)



  1. hmm, so I guess this is about vulnerability? exposure? questioned masculinity? What do you think?

  2. Thank you for not taking yourself seriously. Great post! Funny as hell.


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