Thursday, August 19, 2010


I was just taking the first bite, my eyes unfocused a bit in anticipation, when they walked in.

But there is always room for another guest at my table. Or perhaps on it.

When they showed me the flames, I turned to run, but I was distracted by the smell of supper. That moment's delay almost cost me my life ... such as it is.

I was slow to realize that they planned to herd me and lock me in here. Now they are standing at a distance, congratulating themselves. I can still smell the adrenaline and sweat through the hole in the glass.

So hungry. And even dead, I still hate fluorescent lights.

(Everything in this post was found on the Zombie Popcorn Hunt, except for one of the poses and the blood spatter in my dining room. The Hunt provided many other very nice prizes that I couldn't work into this post, including skins, clothing, lingerie, jewelry, poses, and furnishings. The Zombie-and-Goth themed items are magnificent. But there are plenty of goodies for those of you who find the undead uninteresting. Two thumbs up. ... The Brain Kebabs are sized about right to have come from housecats, but of course they are just an appetizer. The Table is spread with a ghoulish feast of brains, still-beating-heart, and Rats. Eww.)

Hors d’ Oeuvres: Concrete Flowers “Brain Kebab”
Collar: Shush “Chained Heart” (comes with matching shirt not shown)
Bracelet: Blitzed “Legacy Bracelet”
Rings and Nails: Virtual Insanity “Eye Rings and Nails” (with eyeballs!)
Corset: Nomine “Slip Gown Black – Corset 1” (part of a stunning lingerie set!)
Shirt: LouLou & Co. “Dress Zombie” (part of dress)
Pants: Leaks “Zombie Got Me Black Leggings”
Boots: Hoorenbeek “Military Boots – Loose – Used Brown”
Tattoos: Para Designs “SnakeBite” and Love Zombie “Y-Stitch”
Hair: Exile “Maggie”
Skin: Imabee “Bam Bam Pizza and Ham”
Eyes: Repulse “Antique Eyes”
Dinner Set: Noctis “The Feast” (includes everything except blood spatter)
Prison Photobox: Slash Me Poses “/me lets the voices win” (includes props)
Poses: by Adorkable Poses, Diesel Works (not a hunt item), and No Strings Attached


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