Friday, August 6, 2010


I was called to Sick to recover ten stolen flash drives full of tech data for the S.I.C. Science Innovation Company. I equipped myself for a long night out prowling back alleys looking for them.

Yeah, a very long night.

They were so relieved to have their secrets back, they gave me a cycle prototype. Ditched the armor and went for a ride.

(At the entrance, pick up Instructions and a Hunt HUD to wear before you go out looking. Find and touch the ten "flash drives" to fill up your HUD, then find the computer box in the S.I.C. corporation building lobby, and follow directions to receive your reward. The Sick Sim hunts are always great ... but HARD. I found seven of ten pretty easy, but the last three were tricky. This time all ten boxes were located on the main Sick Sim, so you won't need to cross over to Sick2.)

Armor: ImmateriA “royBATTY Shield” (from the Bacchanal)
Shirt: WoE “Kyle Light Grey Tank”
Pants: Zaara “Jeans *charcoal* (classic)”
Boots: CheerNo “Yaji Snake Black” (from the Dressing Room)
Weapon: Tigerclaw “armed force TC711-Assault Rifle” (gift)
Bike: Sick “MZ0252 Motorcycle” (Sick Anniversary Hunt Prize)
Skin: Atomic Bambi “Benicio Beta” (gift)
Eyes: Edge Grafica “30-diseased eyes-high blue”
Poses: Long Awkward Pose
Location: Sick


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