Thursday, May 12, 2011


Watching the stream below for breakfast. Why, what does this cute little faun eat for breakfast? The first furry critter that shows up for a drink of water. You shouldn't watch.

Sun's coming up.

Sadly, doing these atmospheric lighting posts hides a lot of the beautiful detail so you can't completely see how gorgeous the hair and her cute faun-legs are. I try to take turns between posts in-world and posts in studio lighting. It's an uncomfortable compromise but I can't bring myself to give up on either type of photography. But if you click on the photos for details, you can still see the swirly tattooed skin, the soft folds of the sculpted scarf, and her scary beautiful eyes! Love love love.

Scarf: Mr. Poet "Knit Scarf Left_Purple" (part of Cape Coat Turtleneck and KnitScarf outfit)
Vest: Gauze "Elistyl Jacket"
Shorts: Pink Outfitters "Roxy Bermuda Shorts"
Hat/Hair: Mr. Poet "Bakerboy Cap and Hair"
Gloves: Bubble "Floral Corset Gloves" (they lace up on the inside)
Skin: Plastik "Ataciara Elven Valah Dark Homicide"
Ears: Plastik "Ataciara Ears Valah"
Faun Legs: Gauze "Faun Legs"
Eyes: Poetic Color "Fairy Eyes - wolf dark"
Eyelashes: Glow Studio "Innocent.eyelashes - pure"
Poses: by Diesel Works
Location: Straylight


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