Friday, May 27, 2011


He should have been afraid, but he was too busy checking my silhouette. I turned toward him and rattled my tentacles a bit. I could see the fear as soon as he saw them coiling and uncoiling. Perhaps he'd mistaken them for hair in the dark.

But he didn't run. That was odd.

So I put the human in his place. But he lay there and stared. He still didn't run.

I swear some humans don't have any sense of self-preservation at all.

(I was inspired by these GrollWerks cyber arms. They can be retextured lots of ways and they don't have to be shiny like I made them here. I preferred the matte black but it didn't really photograph well. The result was fab fun, especially since the gas mask made me sound like Lord Vader.

One more note; about the boots. Their shape is very creative but the boots are obviously made for people with very thin calves and large feet. (Think anorexic couture models.) When I put them on, the contrast between the tiny calves and muscular thighs was jarring, so I made a new, much thinner shape. I try to avoid doing this but I really do love boots.)

Arms: GrollWerks "Cybernetic Arms" (with HUD to customize color, texture, and shine)
Breastplate: Paradox "Plastron" (texture change)
Abdominal Plate: Paradox "Abdomen Armor"
Mask: Hate This "gas mask" (with breathing vapor and sound effect)
Bodysuit: PixelDolls "Elipse"
Boots: Dilly Dolls "Sonata" (with color-change HUD for boots, straps, soles, heels and buttons)
Tentacle Hairdo: Tekeli-li "Thasaidon" (with color and glow change controls)


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