Saturday, September 3, 2011


Copper clad bits adorn the leather hatband on Ms. Reghan Straaf's offering for the Steam Hunt. I always so look forward to her chapeaux.

She included a boutonniere to match the hat, but I thought it obscured the fashionable cut of my buttoned canvas vest. (I shall try it on the lapel of the Nachtmusik Suit. Perhaps Tomorrow?)

The outfit is pieced together from the Ladies' and Men's prizes at Orquidea. The Gown was well crafted, but showed a bit too much underside cleavage for my personal taste. I had fun resizing the dramatic collar and shoulderpads, and tinting the boots to make them more compatible with the clothes ... More tomorrow!

Hat: Hatpins "Steam Spare Parts Top Hat" (with functioning clock)(Steam Hunt Prize)
Gown: Orchidea "Steampunk Vest" and "Steampunk Dress" (Steam Hunt Prize)
Boots: Aftershok "Steam Boots" (also includes Digi-boots)(Steam Hunt Prize)
Skin: ND/MD "Galaxia Skin Darkstar"
Eyes: Frick "Clockwork Eyes" (unavailable)


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  1. I love the combination! As the creator of the vest and dress, I have to say that you did an amazing job creating something new and exciting out of the them both. Bravo. Also, that skin is amazing!


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