Friday, October 28, 2011


As I lay on the other side of the razor wire, just bleeding, it stopped to look at me. In a few moments I panicked. Most zombies are single minded eating machines. Not this one. I watched it stop and think.

Instead of charging in and catching itself on the blades and barbs, it shuffled up to the fence, and sidled sideways, cutting itself a bit, but passing through the wire.

Crap ?!?

Outfit: Death Row Designs “Undead Soldier” (Zombie Popcorn)
Belt: Tonktastic “Steilhandgranaten Bag”
Poses: Poses 4 Posers “Zombie Poses” (unavailable)
Location: The Wastelands

The Outfit from Death Row Designs includes Helmet, Uniform, Boots, Skin and Eyes. I added the bomb belt for a little more dimension and just cause its fabulously well made.


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