Thursday, October 6, 2011


Messing about with shadows and depth of field for the first time. (Jumping up and down like a three-year-old) I wanted to photograph some landscape which makes for little bitty pictures, but if you click them you'll see the larger pics on Flickr.

I wore a dark undershirt under the sweater to help you see the detail of the crochet work. When I'm wearing several garments the same color I like to put in lots of texture. (The old art teacher used to say "unity in variety". The color has unity and the texture throws in some variety.) Today I'm letting the landscape have all the flashy color.

I really needed a walk in these trees.

There's nothing like those early fall days, with crisp cold morning air and sunshine at the same time!

I was jonesing for fall last night, and this morning at my house it was snowing a little. I should be careful what I wish for!

Shrug: mon tissu "Loire Knit Shrug"
Sweater: Ivalde "Radella"
Skirt: Jane "pencil.skirt.eliza.tan" (mesh)
Boots: Deco "Madison Boots" (mesh)
Hair: booN "YNO421"
Hairbases: by Exile and booN
Skin: Curio "Sweetheart"
Eyes: Fashism "Sunrise"
Poses: by Diesel Works and Long Awkward Pose
Location: Straylight


p.s. Yes I did modify my shape quite a lot to fit this outfit. the mesh skirt and boots were made for thinner legs though they leave some nice tush. And the sculpted shrug is made for someone with rather smaller chest than my usual. :) Mwah!

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