Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I started with these shoes. Sometimes you find something fabulous and after you buy it, you sit on your bed at home with the box in your lap and think, What on Earth am I going to wear with this? So I went through my closet looking for an outfit that goes with the shoes.

The color pallette of the shoes is fairly flamboyant, but it's easy as pie to adjust the colors on my jewelry. I picked some green because the green on the shoes is really making me smile today.

The rest of the clothes are in warm tones similar to the Orange, Red and Pink of the shoe. I love the new pants, but a word about the sizing: as I tried on successively larger sizes of the pants, I got a larger and larger bum, but the size of the pant legs did not grow much at all. As you can see in the picture, I had to adjust my legs to be very thin. I suggest that you take a good look at this when you try them on at the store to be sure you like the fit.

Shoes: Baiastice "Santigold" (mesh)
Purse: Mon Tissu "Envelope Clutch"
Earrings: Je Suis "Africain Earhoops" (texture change)
Bracelets: Erratic "Twisted" (textture change)
Jacket: The Sea Hole "Corseted Tweed Jacket"
Pants: Toki-Doki "Rolled Chinos" (mesh)
Hair: Exile "Dina"
Skin:  Curio ":GP: Bean [Dark] Sweetheart-Rose 2"
Eyes: Ikon "Horizon"
Lashes: Glow Studio "Innocent. eyelashes - pure"


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